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    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 312

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Deceased

    Space Sector: 312

    Sector Partner: Service pre-dates Sector Partners

    Homeworld: Suirpalam

    Predecessor: Unknown

    Successor: Unknown


    Approximately three billion years ago, B'shi was living a peaceful life on the jungle world of Suirpalam when a stranger from the stars came to offer her great power. He was known as Raker Qarrigat, a member of the Green Lantern Corps. The Corps' masters, the Guardians of the Universe, were expanding the number of ring wielders in preparation for an invasion of the dark world known as Apokolips. She would travel to the homeworld of the Corps, Oa, where she was trained in the use of the power ring. Like Raker Qarrigat before her, B'shi was also sent out to recruit other Green Lanterns. From the Perreseen debris field, B'shi brought the rock creature Ash-Pak-Glif into the Corps.

    When the Corps had become 3600 strong, they were sent against Apokolips, only to find their invasion had been expected. Hordes of Parademons wore yellow armor which exploited the weakness of the power ring. Fully two-thirds of the Green Lanterns were slaughtered or, like Alisand'r of Tamaran, taken prisoner in the ensuing battle. The Green Lanterns also found the energy from the Central Power Battery of Oa was strained and diminished in crossing the barrier between the universe of the Guardians and that of Apokolips.

    B'shi was one of thousands of Green Lanterns to fall before the forces of Apokolips. Numerous Green Lanterns were tortured, their bodies left as warnings to those who might oppose Darkseid's rule. The Guardians of the Universe ultimately called for a truce with Darkseid. They recalled the Corps, leaving Raker Qarrigat behind as Darkseid's spoils of war. It is not known if the remains of B'shi and other Green Lanterns were returned to Oa for internment in the Crypts of Oa. By the Guardians' command, the record of the battle was expunged from the Great Book of Oa.

    **in the issue which featured this tale, Ash Pak Glif is noted as hailing from Sector 312. however, in a recent splash page depicting the Fallen Lanterns, B'shi is listed as protector of Sector 312 as well. Whether this is correct or a mistake remains to be seen.**


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