Character » Brynhildr appears in 108 issues.

    Brynhildr is the leader of the Valkyries of Svottleheim.

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    Brynhildr is the leader of the Valkyries of Svottleheim. As do most Valkyries, she rides a winged horse, and is a skilled archer and swordswoman. She has the characteristics of most Asgardian natives with enhanced strength and durability. She is also associated with Sigurd who is her lover in the myths and ends up causing his death alongside ending her own life.

    Valkyrie from Marvel Comics is also Brunhilde but with different origins.

    Brunhilde also shows up in the fate series as a berserker alongside Sigurd and Gunrun.

    In the manga series Record of Ragnarok Brunhilde appears as the main protagonist of the series and oldest of the 13 demigod sisters Valkyries. She selects the human fighters against the gods for Ragnarok.


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