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    British comic book artist and writer.

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    Born in in the 1950’s and interested in comics since an early age, it was almost inevitable that Bryan Talbot would become involved in the Underground comics movement of the late 60’s. Along with other British notables, such as Alan Moore, Jim Baikie, Alan Grant, Kevin O’Neill and a host of others, he influenced the birth of a new type of comics that appealed to an older audience. The foremost publication for this emerging genre was 2000AD where Talbot provided artwork for Judge Dredd and Slaine.

    Talbot’s independent contribution to “The British Invasion” of comics was BRAINSTORM COMIX, the first three issues of which would profoundly change comic books forever. The story arc formed what was later to be known as the Chester P. Hackenbush Trilogy. “Chester P. Hackenbush” became the character “Chester Williams” in Alan Moore’s run of SWAMP THING, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Originally appearing in the publication, NEAR MYTHS in 1978, Talbot’s most well known work is THE ADVENTURES OF LUTHER ARKWRIGHT. The spinning of this tale’s favorite son was continued in HEART OF EMPIRE. Both graphic novels were published by Dark Horse.

    THE ADVENTURES OF LUTHER ARKWRIGHT won the English Eagle award in four categories: best cover, best new comic, favourite artist and favourite character.

    Other works by Talbot include THE TALE OF ONE BAD RAT, which chronicles recovery from child abuse and several mini-series from the short-lived publisher, Tekno Comix. He’s also contributed to a number of DC projects such as FABLES, SANDMAN, HELLBLAZER and BATMAN.

    ALICE IN SUNDERLAND, an independent publication and unique tour de force into the history of the English region Bryan calls home, was published in 2007. His next endeavor was the anthropomorphic animal steampunk detective story GRANDVILLE.


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