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    Starscream's Combaticons combine to form Bruticus, an extraordinarily powerful and extraordinarily dimwitted Decepticon gestalt. His enormous size, brute strength and power and savage rage makes him a fearsome opponent in battle, and a true instrument of destruction for Megatron.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Marvel Comics Continuity

    Generation 1

    Generation 2

    Devil's Due Continuity

    G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers

    Dreamwave Continuity

    IDW Comics Continuity


    His personality is a combination between all the Combaticons, but his personality seems to resemble Brawl's personality the most.

    Bruticus is aggressive, ruthless, dim-witted, loyal and brutish. He follows any order from his leader without any question.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bruticus possesses tremendous strength and power, enough to lift up to 250 tons and smash a suspension bridge with one punch. He also possesses enormous durability, making him nearly invulnerable to most forms of blunt trauma, artillery and radiation. When the Combaticons combine to form Bruticus, Bruticus uses Onslaught's sonic stun gun, which has enough power to destroy a hillside with a single blast. He can also use Vortex's razor-blades as a shield, or to slice an Autobot to pieces.

    Combiner Team

    Combiner NameVehicle ModeRole in Group
    OnslaughtFlatbed Missile TruckTeam Leader and Tactician, the Chest of Bruticus
    BrawlLeopard 1 TankTeam Muscle and Firepower, Left Lower Leg of Bruticus
    SwindleFMC XR311Team "Businessman", Right Lower Leg of Bruticus
    Blast OffSpace ShuttleTeam Transport and Aerial Assault, Right Arm of Bruticus
    VortexUH-60 Black Hawk HelicopterTeam Interrorgator, Left Arm of Bruticus

    Other Media


    Bruticus in the Transformers: G1 cartoon
    Bruticus in the Transformers: G1 cartoon

    Transformers (1984) - Bruticus appears in the original series, voiced by Roger C. Carmel. He was created by Starscream, when Starscream had placed the personality components of five renegade Decepticons inside five old military veichles who had been on an island for decades. He then created the Combaticons. Starscream tested their loyalty by ordering them to capture a few transformers, and later when Megatron, the Constructicons and a few other Decepticons attacked Starscream and the Combaticons, the Constructicons combined into Devastator to defeat them, but the Combaticons combined into Bruticus and overpowered Devastator and Megatron, and Starscream took over as the leader of the Decepticons. His glory was short-lived, however, because the Stunticons had arrived and formed Menasor and took Bruticus down with a surprise attack from behind, and Starscream and the Combaticons were banished from Earth and put on an asteroid in space. In the next episode, Starscream abandoned the Combaticons, and the Combaticons headed to Cybertron, overpowered Shockwave and took control over the planet. Thirsting for revenge, Onslaught reprogrammed the space bridge on Cybertron to pull Earth towards the Sun, in order to destroy every transformer there. When the Autobots and Decepticons heard about this, they made an alliance and teleported to Cybetron. The Combaticons combined into Bruticus, and Starscream told them that they could only defeat him by blasting the three weak spots on his back. They did, and Optimus and Megatron agreed to destroy Bruticus, however Megatron faked Bruticus' death, and Megatron and Starscream reprogrammed Bruticus to only be loyal to Megatron. Then he continued to serve Megatron in later episodes.

    Video Games

    Bruticus in Fall of Cybertron
    Bruticus in Fall of Cybertron

    Transformers Fall of Cybertron (2012) - Bruticus makes an appearance in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and is a playable character in the campaign and is voiced by Nolan North. He makes his first appearance in the chapter called "Combaticons Combine!" where the Combaticons combine to form Bruticus where they need his monstrous size and strength to destroy the Autobots transport so the Decepticons can reclaim their energon. He makes another appearance in the chapter "The Final Countdown" where the Combaticons combine into Bruticus to clear a path for Megatron through a gate so Megatron could continue with his mission. Bruticus makes one final appearance in the final chapter of the campaign, where the Combaticons combine into Bruticus again, this time to use his massive size and brute strength to destroy the Ark's main energon tank. The mission was successful, however, Bruticus was blasted off the Ark and sent into space, and it is yet unknown where he arrived. His head is also available for the Destroyer class in Multiplayer mode, and that one part is called "Omega".

    Bruticus in Rise of the Dark Spark
    Bruticus in Rise of the Dark Spark

    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (2014) - Bruticus makes an appearance in Rise of the Dark Spark as a playable character. The Cybertron-part of the game takes place after War for Cybertron but before Fall of Cybertron, while the Earth-part of the game takes place in a different Universe. He appears in the sixth chapter of the game, when Shockwave and the Combaticons try to bring the Dark Spark to Megatron in Kaon, but the Autobots were there too to defeat Shockwave and the Combaticons and re-claim the Dark Spark. When all of the Combaticons have arrived, they combine to form Bruticus, and Bruticus takes down all the Autobots, and after that Cliffjumper tries to plant a detpak on Bruticus to take him down, but then Bruticus badly injures Cliffjumper, and the Decepticons capture him and the Dark Spark.


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