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Brutes, or Jiralhanae, as shown in Halo 3
Brutes, or Jiralhanae, as shown in Halo 3

The Brutes' latest in-game appearances were in the 2010 Bungie Game, Halo : Reach. However, they were briefly shown in Halo 4 in a cut-scene in the mission Prologue, in which Doctor Hasley is interviewed by an ONI agent (Master Chief is shown fighting a huge Brute Chieftain wielding a Gravity Hammer while Hasley is talking about the SPARTAN program).


The Brutes, or "Jiralhanae" are the newest additions to the Covenant armada, and their name means "Wild Slaves." They are large, strong, and bipedal ape-like species and have a nasty attitude. They were the first Covenant species encountered by the Harvest Colonial Militia. They and the Sangheili have a rivalry and hate each other deeply. The Brutes first showed up after the glassing of Harvest. Even the Elites feared the Sangheili because of their maniacal nature which sometimes clouded their judgement. After the Elites were dispatched, the Jiralhanae replaced the Elites and were the main backbone of the Covenant army, as notably shown in Halo 3. They even replaced them as Honor Guards, and wielded Gravity Hammers instead of Energy Swords, unlike the Sangheili/Elite. The two species (Sangheili and Jiralhanae) have fought numerous times and have had many conflicts, usually with the Elite remaining victorious, due to superior strategy and intelligence. However, the Brutes/Jiralhanae have been able to win against them in terms of savage nature and guerilla warfare.

Powers & Abilities

Strength - The Brutes possess extreme physical strength, and sometimes increase with their temper. They, in the novels, have shown to be able to overpower even Spartans in physical combat, but usually lose due to sloppy mistakes. The massive strength also sacrifices their agility.

Durability - Brutes are more durable than Elites, and usually can take more damage then the Sangheili. However, they are a lot slower than the Elites,

Agility - Although not nearly as agile as the Elites, they are very agile compared to regular humans, but still fall short to Spartans significantly. Also, their home planet is 2x the gravity of Earth.

Hand-to-Hand Combat - Brutes are trained to be able to fight in hand to hand combat, and usually wield the Gravity Hammer to fight foes in close quarters. However, they can be sloppy and make various mistakes in close combat, especially when enraged.

Shields - Most Jiralhanae have shields from their armor that protect them from most damage, such as weapon-fire or most explosives. When these shields have absorbed too much damage, they will temporarily malfunction until they are recharged.

Covenant Technology - Brutes have advanced Covenant technology, such as their infamous Gravity Hammer and jetpacks used to fly around in Halo 3.

Physical Appearance

Brutes are of simian origin and have been said to resemble large gorillas, but, in some ways, they also resemble ursine, or rhinoceros as well. They have thick, gray skin, and are covered with matted, black, tan, or brown fur-like hair and some have short, black, or brown colored beards. Their large, stocky appearance is most likely due to the gravity on their planet, which is about twice the gravity of that on Earth . As they age, the hair will change to a grayish-silver color, which is a great sign of respect for all the Brutes.


  • War Chieftain
  • Chieftain
  • Brute Captain Ultra
  • Brute Captain Major
  • Brute Captain (Minor)
  • Brute Honor Guard
  • Brute Bodyguard
  • Jump/Jet pack Brute Captain
  • Jump/Jet pack Brute Major
  • Jump/Jet pack Brute Minor
  • Brute Stalker
  • Brute Ultra
  • Brute Major
  • Brute Minor
  • Chieftain of the Jiralhanae
  • Brute Ship Master
  • Jiralhanae Army Commander


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