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    Brutale is a master at throwing knives. He carries all types of blades.

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    In his native Hasaragua, Guillermo Barrera served his government's secret police as its most vicious interrogator, eliciting confessions through deadly efficiency with blades and surgical implements. When Hasaragua's Cuban-backed Marxist regime fled, Barrera fled the country and Central America rather than face hanging for scores of atrocities. On the open market, Barrera dubbed himself "Brutale" and leased his knife-wielding expertise to the highest bidders, including Blüdhaven crime boss Roland Desmond, the ruthless Blockbuster. Brutale, alongside fellow assassin Stallion, made an unsuccessful attempt to claim a substantial reward on the life of Nightwing, who instead made short work of the pair. Escaping incarceration, Brutale sharpens his blades in anticipation of completing the contract on Nightwing. An expert in a variety of bladed weapons, from homemade shivs to machetes, Brutale nevertheless favors double-edged throwing knives.

    Guillermo Barrera was the most vicious police interrogator in the South American country of Hascaragua. He used his brutal torturing skills as a member of the secret police of a Cuban- backed Marxist regime. At last, the regime fell and Barrera faced execution for his crimes. He fled his homeland and became a killer under the name of Brutale. The assassin-for-hire, donned a special uniform designed to hold his many and varied blades and knives. Working alongside Stallion, another assassin, Brutale was hired by Roland Desmond, the Blüdhaven criminal Blockbuster, to kill Batman's ally Nightwing. Brutale began the hunt, but Nightwing quickly defeated the assassian. Brutale however escaped in a desperate effort to avoid incarceration and deportation to Hascaragua.

    Brutale joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains.

    He was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. He was seemingly killed by a parademon, but later appeared in the new Secret Six series.

    He appears in an issue of the Red Robin series where it's shown he's on Tim Drake's "hit list". He's in a bar attempting to get the owners to pay out to a gang boss. Drake proceeds to take him down with his Escrima sticks.

    Major Story Arcs

    Teen Titans: Team Building

    For more information see: Team Building

    Robin easily takes down Brutale, while he is making an escape, while Batman watches. Robin appears close to killing Brutale, with on of his own knives when Batman steps in.


    For more information see: Blue Beetle

    La Dama hires Brutale, Coyote, and Rompe Huesus to collect the Blue Scarab that she bought for her collection of rare artifacts, but when they get to the warehouse Plasmus, Phobia, and Warp are already there stealing the Scarab. Brutale and his team attack the others but Warp almost gets away with the backpack containing the Scarab. Somehow Warp loses the bag and Jaime Reyes gets a hold of it and tries to run away. Brutale throws a knife at him but hits the backpack and the Scarab is free to bond with Jaime.

    When Brutale and Rompe Huesus catch up to Jaime he is already in full disguise and panicking. Brutale plans on stabbing him but the Beetle goes into protective mode and stabs them both with long claws, leaving them for dead. They are able to make it back to La Dama's hideout but she is angry at them for letting the Scarab get away. She lets Brutale and Rompe live but kills Coyote.

    Powers and Abilities

    Brutale is a master with throwing knives.


    • Height: 5' 4"
    • Weight: 145 lbs.
    • Eyes: Almond
    • Hair: Black

    Other Media



    Guillermo Barrera appears in the Arrow TV show, portrayed by George Tchortov. He is hired by China White (who, in turn, acts under the orders of Moira Queen) for the assassination of Malcolm Merlyn. He is immediately confronted by the Vigilante once arrived in Starling City, and after a brief fight, in which he fought almost to an even with the archer using his knives, he is eventually killed.


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