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    Brutal Juice is a villain who fought against Francis Ruben. He was torn apart in his first fight with Francis and now requires a robotic suit to live. He has a massive grudge against Francis and his friends.

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    Character Creation

    Brutal Juice was created by Donny Cates and Mark Reznicek. He first appeared in Buzzkill #2 - Higher Power.


    Originally Brutal Juice was a human foe who resembled a punk rocker. He kidnapped Francis Ruben's girlfriend, Nikki. Brutal Juice was heavily injured during his fight with Francis.

    Character History

    Brutal Juice was once a basic thug whom had kidnapped Francis Ruben's girlfriend, Nikki. He had her chained up in a warehouse and was watching over her with his two pet bears. Brutal Juice didn't believe that Francis would actually come to save her; however, he was caught off guard when Francis arrived drunk and attacked him from the shadows.

    It is unknown exactly what Francis did to Brutal Juice but whatever it was it caused Brutal Juice to scream for mercy before crying out in pain. When Francis had emerged from his fight with Brutal Juice he was covered in blood.

    Brutal Juice recovered from this assault one month later; however, he required a robotic suit to survive. He ambushed Francis at his rehabilitation meeting alongside a plethora of villains whom Francis had gathered over his years of being a superhero.

    When Francis's friend, Eric, came to save Francis, Brutal Juice was the first villain to be attacked. In retaliation Brutal Juice began blasting Francis with some sort of energy beam projected from his suit. Unfortunately for Brutal Juice, Francis was too strong to be taken down by the energy blast and began beating the life out of him.

    Brutal Juice would have been killed if not for Dr.Blaqk intervening and blasting Francis into a wall. Brutal Juice was then teleported to a different continuity by Dr.Blaqk.

    Powers & Abilities

    Originally Brutal Juice had no powers; however, after his first encounter with Francis Ruben he obtained a robotic combat suit that he uses to provide both life support and offensive weaponry.

    • Energy Blasts - Brutal Juice can project energy blasts from the palm(s) of his suit.

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