Bruno Mannheim

    Character » Bruno Mannheim appears in 73 issues.

    Devoted follower of the Crime Bible and leader of Intergang. He's one of the most powerful gangsters in Metropolis and a psychopath, who worships the idea of crime itself.

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    Bruno Mannheim, nicknamed "ugly" is the leader of Intergang, an organised crime outfit headquartered in Metropolis. He rose to power by allying with Darkseid and securing high-tech Fourth World weapons from Apokolips. After the Infinite Crisis, Mannheim found new inspiration in a crime cult built around the worship of Cain - the first murderer. Mannheim's devotion to the teachings of the "crime bible" led him to committing unspeakable atrocities, including human sacrifices and cannibalism.

    Believing that the crime bible demanded the ritual murder of Kate Kane (Batwoman) Mannheim kidnapped her until stopped by the arrival of the Question and Renee Montoya. Months later Mannheim reemerged in Metropolis, apparently grown to the size of a giant. After zeroing in on the beat of Mannheim's over-sized heart, Superman disrupted the criminals' organisation but couldn't prevent him from teleporting to safety.

    Mannheim's known connections with extra terrestrial weapons dealers combined with his new focus on the immoral cult of Cain, have resulted in a crime lord with unlimited power and no moral scruples. Mannheim is now far more dangerous than he has ever been previously.

    Other Media

    Smallville (TV series)

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    Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim appeared in season 8 episode 19 "Stiletto" and was played by Dominic Zamprogna.

    Bruno was a thug for Ron Milano, the owner of the Ace of Clubs. He and his partner A.J. tried to mugged Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane. They got Chloes laptop with all the information about the Justice League of America but they got punched by Lois. Back at the Ace of Clubs, Bruno got a drink from Jimmy Olsen who worked there as a bartender after he was fired from his job at the Daily Planet. Jimmy asked him for money but before Bruno talked to Jimmy, Ricky - another thug - came to get Bruno because Milano wanted to see him. Bruno killed his boss with a shot in his head and took his place as the owner of the Ace of Clubs and the mob boss. Later, Bruno find out that Jimmy knows Stiletto (aka Lois Lane), the new heroine of Metropolis. He asked Jimmy for information but after Jimmy said, he won't tell anything, Bruno knocking him out. After a fight between Superman, Lois and Bruno, Jimmy was able to take down Bruno. He was later arrested.

    DC Universe Online (MMORPG)

    Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim appeared in the MMORPG DC Universe Online as one of many villains. He is the boss of the Intergang.

    Bruno is voiced by Bruce Carey.

    Young Justice (Cartoon TV series)

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    Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim appeared for the first time in season 1 episode 17. Bruno is the leader of the Intergang. He took over command from his father. He worked together with Desaad and left Whisper A'Daire behind, after he was attacked by the Forever People.


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