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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector:
Sector Partner: Unknown
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


There is only one known account of the Green Lantern Corps member named Bruks, who died on an unnamed desert world pursuing a group of bandits. As Bruks flew overhead, the trio of thieves ran through the dunes to escape him. Although Bruks appeared to be closing in on his targets, he was undone when a bandit wheeled around and blasted him with a yellow energy beam. Bruks caught the blast directly in the chest, knocking him from the sky to the dunes below. The bandits fled, leaving Bruks to die alone in the yellow sand.

Bruks's body was discovered by a desert wanderer who scavenged the Lantern's corpse, taking his power ring. The wanderer slipped the ring on, unaware of the true nature of the power he now held. As he resumed his trek through the desert, the broiling sun beat down on the wanderer. Tired and thirsty, the wanderer was relieved to find a yellow cactus growing out of the desert sands. He recalled how cacti contain water but lacked a knife to cut the plant open. Suddenly, an emerald scimitar materialized from the ring. The wanderer was both surprised and elated. He quickly chopped at the cactus with his new blade, intent on extracting it's water. However, the wanderer was unaware of the ring's yellow weakness, and the blade shattered against the yellow cactus without causing a scratch.

Despite this setback, the wanderer was not willing to give up on his new found magic. He willed the ring to fly him to safety, but was quickly brought down by the swirling yellow sands. Still tired and thirsty, it then occurred to him to create a drink directly from the ring. He drank the emerald liquid but immediately spit it out, repulsed by its taste. Frustrated with these repeated failures, the wanderer raised the ring into the sky, intent on creating a rainstorm that would cool him and sooth his thirst. Storm clouds appeared, but a bolt of yellow lightning blasted from the sky and nearly vaporized the wanderer. This was the final straw for the wanderer. 

He had finally had enough of this cursed ring and tore it from his finger, dropping it beside the body of the fallen Green Lantern. The wanderer walked off into the desert as the power ring laid dormant in the yellow sands beside the body of its former master.

It is unknown if Bruks's body was ever recovered, but he was memorialized in the Crypts of Oa beside his fellow Fallen Lanterns.

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night, Bruks, along many other fallen Lanterns was raised by a black power ring and became a Black Lantern. Due to the conclusion of Blackest Night and the destruction of the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, Bruks is assumed dead once more...
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