Character » Bruin appears in 9 issues.

    A small time thug given the old armour belonging to the Grizzly by Roderick Kingsley. Was partnered with Devil Spider and Blaze when the three of them gave their cut to the Green Goblin.

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    Bruin was a thug who acquired Maxwell Markham's old armour from Roderick Kingsley. Deciding to forgo calling himself the Grizzly he took the name Bruin in the hopes of gaining respect rather than being mired by the reputation of the previous owner. He didn't get off to a good start when he accidently gave the cut of his raid to Norman Osborn rather than the real Hobgoblin.

    Furious Kingsley sent the Bruin, Blaze and the Devil Spider to reclaim the money they owed him. After a successful raid on a jewelry store the trio ran into the new Superior Venom. Bruin attempted to take on Venom but ended up being tossed aside before 'the hero' turned his attention to his partners.

    Bruin would later become a foe of Jessica Drew, when he, Blaze, the Ringer and an individual wearing the Beetle armour kidnapped and attempted to kill Roger Gocking during his time as the heroic 'Porcupine' on the orders of the Hobgoblin.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like the Grizzly, Bruin has superhuman strength and durability when wearing the bear themed exoskeleton given to him by the Hobgoblin. In addition the suit had claws on each hand although their strength and sharpness is currently unknown


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