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    Bruce is a resident living in the Alexandria Safe-Zone who works for the construction crew.

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    Life Among Them

    Bruce is first seen as one of the four heavily armed men led by Tobin who save both Rick and Aaron's groups from being overwhelmed by the undead masses in Washington, D.C., while they attempted to save Scott. Bruce later returns to the Alexandria Safe-Zone to escort the two vehicles.

    Too Far Gone

    Bruce reveals to Abraham that like him, he arrived at the Community much later from its initial establishment.

    Unlike most residents of the community, Bruce speaks openly with Abraham about the dystopian nature of Alexandria - one of his observations being that Douglas placed attractive women in prominent occupations within the community. Bruce also believed that the people assigned to the construction site were not sent because they were necessarily the most physically able, but rather that they are who Douglas viewed as the most expendable.

    Bruce was featured more prominently than his other two unnamed construction peers, and helped Rick and Abraham defend the walls from the hostile Scavengers. He was also seen attending the church services run by Gabriel Stokes.

    No Way Out

    In No Way Out, Bruce helps defend Alexandria from the walkers that begin to come close to the entrance. Realizing there are too many, Bruce and the others try to make it back into Alexandria and close the gate. Unfortunately, everyone gets in safely except for Bruce, who is bitten on the neck. Bruce begins to panic and tells the people that he doesn't want to die. Abraham, seeing how much pain Bruce is in, quickly bashes in his skull out of mercy.


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