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Bruce's perspective on Red Robin

Tim takes on the Council of Spiders again, but now that Bruce Wayne is back, what does he think of Tim's progress while he was away? And is Tim evaluating Bruce as well? 

Out of the one shots that came out this week, this one was the one I was looking forward to the most. Instead of being in Gotham, Red Robin is back in Europe taking on the Council of Spiders once again. Not only that, but Bruce Wayne is back to check on his protégé's progress while he was gone. Unlike the other one shot titles, Tim is the only one who knows that Bruce is the mysterious masked man with unbelievable powers (Read the Batman and Robin one shot). The story with the Council of Spiders wasn't as strong like when they first appeared in the Red Robin series, as this issue mostly focused more on both Bruce and Tim's evaluation on each other. The ending evaluation that Bruce provides pretty much sums up who Tim is now: Someone who is trying to balance black and white, yet slowly turning into Batman.

Vicki Vale also makes an appearance in this issue talking to Alfred about what she knows about the Bat family. The conversation even made me startle a bit.

Where's the emotional reunion at? I don't expect Tim to be crying or anything like that, but a hug would be nice. Tim was the ONLY person who still believe that Bruce was still alive, and yet, he acts like nothing happen. Now, I read this issue first instead of going in order. Even when reading this event in order, I still don't understand. Its probably due to the fact that Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne isn't finished yet and in that series, Tim is part of the fraction in preparing for Bruce when he comes back to the present. Maybe I'll see an emotional reunion in that series.

Ramon Bachs is back as the artist, and while the majority of this issue's artwork is good, it's not Marcus To. Bach's work just look a bit rough. Tim looks bulky in the Red Robin costume and he almost look like an adult. I don't know if this was an error, but Tim is back to wearing the old version of Red Robin.

Overall: Its another new beginning for Tim. I have to admit that Tim is doing a fantastic job as Red Robin. The problem is that he doesn't know it. Since Bruce is back, I wonder if we'll see Tim go back to being not so serious all the time?

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