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Bruce and Tim Side By Side Once Again? 1

There's a bunch of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home one-shots out this week, some of them are connected.  The Good The issue begins with Bruce Wayne's "White Casebook" and his thoughts of Tim (as Red Robin) in action. It's great to hear Bruce's thoughts and concerns as Tim continues his journey to the next level of his crime fighting career. The team of Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs makes it feel like this is a regular issue of Red Robin rather than just a Red Robin one-shot.  There is also more on V...

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Red Robin/Batman 0

This is a continuation of the wonderful Batman and Robin One Shot.  I have to say that this issue had a few artistic differences from the Batman and Robin story.  But it is still an incredible story.  Originally it appeared that these one shots were going to be a simple prologue to the Return of Bruce Wayne.  But in actuality this continuing story is proving to be a first rate DC story....

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Bruce's perspective on Red Robin 0

Tim takes on the Council of Spiders again, but now that Bruce Wayne is back, what does he think of Tim's progress while he was away? And is Tim evaluating Bruce as well?  Pros: Out of the one shots that came out this week, this one was the one I was looking forward to the most. Instead of being in Gotham, Red Robin is back in Europe taking on the Council of Spiders once again. Not only that, but Bruce Wayne is back to check on his protégé's progress while he was gone. Unlike...

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The Insider and Red Robin: The NEW Dynamic Duo! 2

The Good: I love the concept of The White Casebook. I absolutely love seeing The Council of Spiders again. Gotta be one of my favorite new villain groups. The action is all seriously awesome. Everything in The Insider's plan is seriously awesome. Especially his meeting with SIlk. Actually Silk in general. I assumed before that The Council of Spiders was just those 8 people. Now they're a whole huge network? Awesome. AND there's some giant huge assassination CHAMPIONSHIP? WITH VARIOUS JOBS WORTH ...

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Dear Prudence... 2

Story: The Road Home continues into Red Robin. Tim is in Amsterdam continuing his mission from Bruce. Tim is fighting a group called the Council of Spiders. Prudence shows up to give Tim a hand. Bruce shows up for a quick glimpse and attacks Tim and Prudence to set the scene. Tim and Prudence escape and talk about The Global Assassination Tournament. First the Hangmen try to kill the mayor of Gotham now the Council of Spiders is trying to kill the mayor in Amsterdam. Prudence sends a mysterious ...

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