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Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne have long been allies and friends, acting as Gotham City's primary defenders. Their reunion is sure to have lasting effects on Barbara's role as Oracle and the other Birds of Prey...


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The fight to save Vicki Vale 0

Cover The cover art is not that great but, it is okay. It still makes me want to pick it up. Story Oracle is helping the insider get Vicki Vale out of harm way from Ra’s Al Gaul’s army. The Insider asks Oracle to get some help to beat the army of Ra’s Al Gaul named “The Seven Men of Death”. She was going to get the regular Birds of Prey but, they are overseas. So she gets Hawk, Dove, Man-bat, Batgirl, Ragman, and Manhunter. Oracle thinks of her past and how she was ready to give up when she lost...

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Bruce Wayne's perspective on Oracle. 0

Oracle fights to keep Vicki Vale alive from Ra's al Ghul's Seven Men of Death. Pros: I can't really call this a Birds of Prey issue. This does seem to take place in the present BoP issue with the main cast (Black (or White) Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk) in Asia. Bruce is right not to worry about Barbara too much. This is shown by the flashback between Bruce and Barbara after she was shot by the Joker. To be honest, I never really knew what happened to Barbara after she got shot. I know s...

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Inside The Network 0

The Good: I love the idea of The White Casebook. Art is NICE. I am seriously going to have to keep an eye on Agustin Padill. Everything is smooth and awesome, I'd love to see this artist draw a lot more action scenes. The use of Oracle in her full capabilities was nice after seeing her mostly in Batgirl and Birds of Prey. Unlike the last 2 Road Homes, this one does a much better job of breaking down what Bruce means to the title character and really digging deep into the emotions involved. All o...

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