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The last time Selina Kyle saw Bruce Wayne, she was lying in a hospital bed, her life having just been saved by the man she loved. Can Catwoman handle Bruce's return after having mourned his death?



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The cat and the reporter. 0

Story: Bruce has returned into Selina Kyle's life! The issue starts off with Selina and Ivy at a very exclusive party at Club V. Selina is following Viki Vale to see what she's doing there and catch her next move. There is also an auction at the party and there is one item in particular that catches Selina's eye. It's the Fabled Pink Mynx. It brings memories back to Selina about a time when she tried to steal it at a party and Bruce chased after her. All of a sudden Harley Quinn bursts through t...

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Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Gotham CIty Sirens 0

The Good: I love the idea of The White Casebook. The plot developments with VIcki Vale were a pretty shocking twist. Catwoman's interaction with The Insiderwas really interesting considering what each of them knows and doesn't know. The art was pretty good, it got a bit odd around the middle, but at the end it was excellent. Harley's involvement was a really fun twist, and with Ivy there it pretty much filled the missing Gotham City Siren quota for this month. The Bad:  Seriously? You have a con...

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Review: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Catwoman #1 0

Catwoman starts shadowing Vicki Vale once the reporter's investigation brings her into the dangerous circles of Gotham's criminal underworld. The Good I enjoyed Nguyen's recent arc on Gotham City Sirens and brings the same style and solid storytelling. And it's worth saying that he draws some mighty pretty ladies. While I had some issues about the soundness of Bruce's new identity, I could definitely get into the action it inspires here -  - how Selina has something of a touch and go relationsh...

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