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BRUCE WAYNE – THE ROAD HOME kicks off here as Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne rush to quash a damaging news item that could threaten the secret identities of the entire Bat-family! And as if that weren't enough to occupy their time, their father figure, Bruce Wayne, has returned…  


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none of this issue.

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Bruce's perspective on Batman and Robin 0

Bruce observes and give his opinions on the new Batman and Robin duo.  Pros: To be honest, I'm surprised Bruce didn't interact with his sons in this issue. Instead, he observes them. It's already been established way back when Batman and Robin first started that this dynamic duo was going to be different, but reading Bruce observation of them surprised me. He does give the right description about the two. The story with Batman and Robin is a simple one with the two going after Russian mob...

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Batman, Batman, and (at some point in the future) Batman. 0

The Good: I love the idea of The White Casebook.  Bruce's little analysis of Dick and Damien is really interesting. We finally get to see how Bruce would react. The use of Tommy Elliot to throw off Vicki Vale has been done before, but it was better here, and even gave a little touch upon House of Hush. It could just be me but his portrayal here seemed closer to how he is now in House of Hush, which is great. Damien's questioning of Dick being thrown back in his face was hilarious and excellent. ...

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Bruce is back and he doesn't even know it. 0

  Uhm Spoiler Alert? Yeah thanks for the heads up DC, Bruce Wayne The Road Home is a series of One Shots that began this week with multiple books bearing the banner, this is awful because that banner is the only spoiler alert you will get when reading these issues. So before you make a huge mistake and actually READ this, please bear in mind that a little guy by the name of Grant Morrison is on the verge of finishing his tale about The Return of Bruce Wayne, where he will actually bring Bruce ba...

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