"Batman" Bruce Wayne: Fugitive

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    Bruce Wayne escapes from prison after being accused of murder. He leaves the name Bruce behind and returns to Gotham as Batman while his friends try to clear his name.

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    With Bruce Wayne now a fugitive and isolating himself from the Batman Family, the family continues to try to figure out what happened, but with every lead they get it continues to point back to Bruce.  Oracle and Black Canary gather a key lead in the case, however, as they learn that Vesper's journal as been altered, which could lead to the discovery that Bruce Wayne was framed.  Batgirl, also gathers a key piece to the puzzle, learning that Vesper was hit with a nerve strike before her death, possibly leading to clues that the body was staged.  Nightwing, Alfred and Robin learn that since the Earthquakes, new entrances into the caves are possible.  While re-enacting the murder Nightwing concludes that the Bruce Wayne he knows could never have committed this murder and switches everyone's focus on gathering evidence that will not compromise Bruce's Identity. 

    While this is going on Batman uncovers a plot to discredit and frame Bruce Wayne, headed by David Cain of Checkmate.  When Catwoman confronts him he soon learns that Bruce Wayne is a key component in his life and that although they may be criminals, he protects them from further injury because of his father's influence.  Batman soon is confronted by a Detective who was investigating Bruce's parents murders and informs the Batman that whatever happened to Bruce Wayne that night, it did not lead him to become commit murder because Bruce Wayne's life was defined by that murder.  
    He soon reestablishes connection to the Family, and they all meet in the Batcave for the first time in many months.  Bruce reveals that David Cain is behind these attempts hired by President Lex Luthor, to discredit Wayne after being embarrassed by him during and after the events of No Man's Land.  Cain figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman and decided to take two birds with one stone.  The capture of Cain would subsequently clear Bruce Wayne's name. 

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