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    Character » Bruce Cooper appears in 49 issues.

    Bruce is one of the survivors in Woodbury and loyal man of the Governor.

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    Bruce survived the zombie outbreak by helping to establish the community of Woodbury. Along with Gabe, Bruce acted as one of the Governor's go-to guys.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Major Story Arcs

    Bruce is part of the Governor's welcome party when Rick, Glenn, and Michonne arrive at Woodbury. He walks with the others to the Governor's "suite" above the arena. Bruce closes the door to prevent escape and then holds Rick down while the Governor cuts off Rick's hand. Bruce then has to pull Michonne off the Governor, but not before manages to bite the Governor's ear off. He personally takes Michonne to a cell called "the Room" and stands watch. He also facilitates the Governor in raping Michonne.

    When the prisoners escape with the only doctor and nurse in town, Bruce and Gabe rush to the Governor's house to alert him but find Michonne already there exacting a very cruel revenge. The men chase her out and find a mutilated Governor that is barely alive. Bruce acts quickly and finds a guy he knew had acted as an Army medic many years prior and forces the man to patch the Governor up as best he can.

    The Governor survives and becomes bent on getting revenge on Rick's group. He sends Bruce out to find the prison. While out, Bruce sees an explosion at a National Guard station that Woodbury uses for supplies. On his group's way to investigate they run across members of Rick's group at a Wal-Mart. Bruce orders a search by his guys and they are met by Glenn. Bruce wastes no time shooting Glenn (who is wearing a bullet-proof vest). Bruce is then immediately shot in the neck by Andrea and left for dead. The Governor, alerted to shots close to Woodbury, arrives at Wal-Mart to find Bruce struggling for life. Bruce is able to gargle out that the prison folk had been there. The Governor shoots Bruce in the head to keep him from turning and demands that his group find the prison.

    Other Media

    Rise of the Governor

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    In the Walking Dead universe, there is no greater villain than The Governor.

    The despot who runs the walled-off town of Woodbury, he has his own sick sense of justice: whether it’s forcing prisoners to battle zombies in an arena for the townspeople’s amusement, or chopping off the appendages of those who cross him.

    The Governor was voted “Villain of the Year” by Wizard magazine the year he debuted, and his story arc was the most controversial in the history of the Walking Dead comic book series.

    Now, for the first time, fans of The Walking Dead will discover how The Governor became the man he is, and what drove him to such extremes.


    Hardback (St. Martin's Press, October 2011), ISBN: 9780312547738

    Soft Cover (Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC, October 2011), ISBN: 9780330541336

    Audio (Macmillan Audio, October 2011), ISBN: 9781427215208


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