Brown Bomber

    Character » Brown Bomber appears in 5 issues.

    A parody character of a dreamed (more like a nightmarish) alternate reality.

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    Created by Dwayne McDuffy and Ed Benes, the Brown Bomber was a parody character from another never published concept from DC Comics, the Black Bomber, an idea nixed by Tony Isabella. He appeared only in Justice League of America #26 and nobody wants him back ever again.


    When Vixen was trapped in a dreamed alternate reality created by Annansi, she meet an alternative Justice League of America, with several different members. One of those members was the Brown Bomber. He was a powerless overweight caucasian guy, but when he screamed his power words "Black Power!," he was transformed into a stereotypical African-American from the 70s with superpowers. His powers only last for one hour after he says "the magic words", but it can be assumed that he can say the words more then once.


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