Brotherhood of Dada

    Team » Brotherhood of Dada appears in 35 issues.

    A group created by Mr. Nobody which tries to introduce chaos and insanity into life.

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    The Brotherhood of Dada was created by Mr Nobody after he was forced out of the Brotherhood of Evil. After being the subject of an experiment by an ex-Nazi scientist he was driven insane, and became determined to force others to view the world as he did: inherently meaningless and chaotic. He invited several other unstable beings to join his anarchist version of the Brotherhood to spread chaos.


    The Brotherhood of Dada were created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. They first appeared in Doom Patrol #25, and made their first full appearance in Doom Patrol #26.

    Team Evolution

    In their original appearance, the team consisted of Mr Nobody, Frenzy, the Fog, the Quiz, and Sleepwalk. The second incarnation of the team consisted of Mr Nobody, Agent "!", Alias the Blur, Love Glove, Number None, and The Toy.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Painting that Ate Paris

    The Brotherhood steals a painting belonging to an eccentric millionaire, which has been said to consume all those who observe it. They take the painting to Paris, where they successfully absorb the entirety of the city into the painting, themselves included. They are pursued into the painting by the Doom Patrol, and manage to separate and disorientate the heroes, ultimately defeating them. They plot to absorb the rest of the world, but are halted by the emergence of the dark entity that resides in the painting, the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. They rescue the Doom Patrol members and join forces to guide the Horseman to the Dada level of the painting, allowing the lack of meaning or symbolism on that level to sap its power. They choose to remain behind in the painting, and create a world for themselves within the disintegrated painting.

    Nobody for President

    Sometime later Mr Nobody manages to implant instructions into the minds of a new group of members for the Brotherhood, who rescue him from his imprisonment in the painting. They steal Albert Hoffman's bicycle, which has been imbued with the intense and bizarre energies of the first LSD trip. Mr Nobody rides it around Venice, intoxicating the populace with the memory of LSD, which draws the attention of the Doom Patrol. They fight briefly, but Mr Nobody takes a random homeless man hostage and uses him to convince the street they are on to travel to New Mexico. Arriving in America, Mr Nobody attempts to run for President, campaigning throughout the country and using the effects of the LSD bike and several other drugs to convince the populace to vote or him. The team is betrayed by Love Glove, who is persuaded by an agent sent by the Pentagon, and they are attacked by John Dandy and the police. The whole team is killed by Dandy, save the Toy, who arrives to join the team just after the final member expires, and Number None.


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