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    Born in Haiti, Jericho Drumm left for America to become a doctor. When he received word that his brother was dying because of a Voodoo Curse, he got revenge by learning Voodoo from Papa Jambo, thus becoming an indispensable ally to Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and the Avengers.

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    How it began
    How it began

    Jericho Drumm was born in Haiti, where he was surrounded by a native culture that embraced voodoo and magic. Jericho left behind his younger brother Daniel and went to New York City, where he studied psychology. After 12 years away from his homeland, Jericho returned to Haiti to find that his brother had become a the Houngan Supreme and was in conflict with an rival sorcerer who claimed to be empowered by a spirit god called Damballah. Daniel was badly injured from his last battle with his rival sorcerer and was about to die. Daniel died, but not before he made Jericho take an oath, Daniel made Jericho promise that he would take the ways of their ancestors and avenge him. Jericho agreed and went to be train by the soccer Papa Jambo. Some time after Jericho found out that Papa Jambo was the last living lord of Loa, Papa Jambo intended that Jericho would be his successor.

    Papa Jambo summoned the spirit of Daniel and bound it to Jericho's soul. Now empowered by his brother's presence, Jericho donned the garments that would mark him as Brother Voodoo and the Houngan Supreme. Jericho then set out to avenge his brother's death. Brother Voodoo found Damballah and they battled, Damballah was exposed as a false god called Zobop. Brother Voodoo beat Zobop using the power's of Loa ( the power of Loa enables Brother Voodoo to control fire and plant live, mesmerize people and raise the dead).


    Brother Voodoo was created as a character try-out by Marvel writer Len Wein and first drawn by veteran comics artist Gene Colan for a 1973 issue of Strange Tales. After five appearances in that title, the character appeared in several versions by quite a few different artist and writer teams.

    Sadly, Wein and Colan's original version remains the best, as well as the least exploitative, iteration of a unique character in the annals of comicdom: a black Caribbean Superhero immigrant to America whose powers made use of traditions from outside the US that had otherwise long been a source of shameful caricature. Wein and Colan's Brother Voodoo was more tasteful, less exploitative, and still as dramatic and exciting as a comic book character needs to be, due in no small part to the gifted Colan's dynamic and expressive artwork, rich with shadows and exotic flourish.

    Unfortunately, Brother Voodoo was never granted the transcendent treatment of gifted creators like Don McGregor and Billy Graham's Black Panther run, the excellent Panther's Rage, and has instead devolved into a rehashing of more of the same cliche'd treatment of voodoo exotica that has long been a staple of cheap genre fiction, as well as being tumbled head first into Marvel's ever-more convoluted narrative framework.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tomb of Dracula

    When Dracula's descendant, Frank Drake, is attacked by zombies in Brazil, Drumm and the spirit of his brother come to his rescue. Drumm directs his brother to possess Drake so that they could fight the zombies together. Once in the clear, Drumm sets his sights on Danny Summers, Drake’s so-called friend, who set the trap for Drake.

    They tracked Danny back to his Brazilian cabin, where he admitted to meeting Dracula a year prior, who mesmerized Danny into setting Drake up. Drake was now determined to find Dracula, but Drumm could not let him leave. He knew Drake was there to better himself after feeling inferior compared to his vampire hunting allies.

    Werewolf by Night

    No Caption Provided

    After receiving a vision of the Three Who Are All, Drumm patiently waited for Jack Russell’s friend, Raymond Coker, to seek him out. Coker’s relatives were attacked by zombies, and he was next. He assembled his supernatural friends so that they could help protect him. Unfortunately, they are too late when a mob of them make off with Coker’s unconscious body. While they track Coker with Topaz, Drumm uses the spirit of his brother to keep Jack’s transformation at bay.

    Taking Drumm’s private plane to Haiti, they search out Devil’s Grotto, a large pit full of demons. Avoiding the creatures, they eventually find Coker returned to his werewolf form by the secret mastermind, Dr. Glitternight. Drumm attacks Glitternight with the spirit of his brother, causing Jack to transform. Together, they fight off Glitternight’s zombie horde, but Glitternight’s forces were too much for them. With help from the Three Who Are All, Drumm and Jack are able to break into Glitternight’s lair.

    However, there is a catch. The Three Who Are All reveal they were once the Five Who Are All, Glitternight once being “The Fifth” before betraying them and enslaving the Fourth.. In order for this ordeal to end, the heroes must kill The Fourth, Fire Eyes. Drumm is able to interrupt the magical spell Glitternight has on Fire Eyes, allowing Fire Eyes to turn on Glitternight, destroying each other with their evenly matched powers.

    The Vampiric Verses

    No Caption Provided

    After the success of the Montessi Formula at wiping out vampirism as a whole, Marie Laveau searched for any traces as she required vampire blood to keep her eternal youth. She went as far as to mesmerize Victor Strange into stealing the Darkhold and running off to Haiti. To stop her, Doctor Strange and his compatriots, including Morbius, enlisted the help of Drumm.

    They cornered her in an old fortress on the island where she had already reversed the Montessi Formula. As night fell, the coffins broke open and Drumm and the others came face to face with the newly resurrected vampire horde. While his allies were being overwhelmed, Drumm called on the zombie of enslaved soldiers to fight back against the vampires. In the chaos, Laveau retreats.

    They tracked her back to Drumm’s Louisiana mansion, which she had guarded with a mystic force field. Inside, they could hear the screams of Stange’s friend, Morgana. Laveau would exchange her for a page from the Book of Vishanti featuring the Vampiric Verses. Strange had no choice and made the exchange. With the page, Laveau was able to summon Varnae, the first vampire, at the expense of Drumm’s friend, Bambu.

    While Strange fought off Varnae, Laveau tried to escape. Drumm was able to tangle her in vines and recover the Darkhold, but Varnae ultimately got away.

    The Scarecrow

    Lilith had requested Drumm’s help with her growing bloodlust. In exchange, she would help him investigate suspicious zombie activity when seven corpses went missing from a Brooklyn cemetery. Together, they find six of the corpses, having been fed on of their residual life energy by the seventh body, the body of Barbara Ketch, possessed by the villain, Scarecrow, who had made a deal with Blackheart. Scarecrow attacked them with crows, causing Lilith to lash out in a fury and run off.

    Drumm tracked her to the location of the Ghost Riders, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, Barbara’s brothers. Lilith was attacking Johnny while Scarecrow had abandoned Barbara’s body for Danny’s. Drumm mystically soothed Lilith and dismissed her from the fight before she hurts anyone else. He then helped the Ghost Riders exorcize Scarecrow.

    Disturbance in Wakanda

    After sensing a tear between the lands of the living and the dead in Wakanda, Drumm sought out Black Panther, who was working in Brooklyn with other heroes at the time. Panther suspected it was Killmonger, so the two head back to Wakanda to investigate. At the request of Panther, Drumm sought out the resurrection altar with Zuri’s help, while Panther challenged Killmonger to an honorable fight. There, Drumm meditated, putting temporal blocks in place to mend the tear between worlds. In the meantime, Panther was beaten nearly to death by Killmonger.

    Because Drumm's ritual ended the resurrection altar’s usefulness, Drumm needed to find a new way to save Panther’s life. He teleported Panther to Wakanda’s medical facility where he put his medical training to good use. He also recruited Moon Knight, another African-god-sponsored champion, to walk the spirit world and protect Panther’s “ka” until it could return to his body.

    The New Sorcerer Supreme

    Doctor Voodoo!
    Doctor Voodoo!

    Dr. Strange knew he lost the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme for some time and that the Eye of Agamotto would appear to the person that would replace him. He travels with the New Avengers to New Orleans where he believes The Hood is trying to kill the new Sorcerer Supreme before he or she can take their rightful place and claim the Eye.

    The Hood fights Daimon Hellstrom to the point where the infernal side of him becomes dominant. Dr. Strange then appears, assuming that Daimon Hellstrom was going to be the new Sorcerer Supreme. He tells him to run so that Dormammu could not possess the Eye. Daimon then tells Strange he does not have the Eye.

    Brother Voodoo then emerges from the ruins created by Damion and the Hood-Dormmamu's fight. He is seen to possess the Eye of Agamotto, and it seems that he is now the new Sorcerer Supreme.

    Voodoo joins the Avengers, Strange and Hellstorm battle The Hood who has fully turned into Dormammu. Together they are able to defeat him and the three magic users banish Dormammu and depower The Hood. After the fight Clint Barton re-names Brother Voodoo Doctor Voodoo on live TV. Also he and Photon (Monica Rambeau) have started an on-again-off-again dating relationship.

    Avenger of the Supernatural

    Taking his new calling to heart Doctor Voodoo is now being tutored by Doctor Strange. He travels to the Dark Dimension to seal Dormammu for his recent assault using and returns home where his brother and Strange scold him for not resting in a week, but shows the Doctor mystical items he has collected in his work. Strange reminds him of the dangers of dark magic and Voodoo reminds him he is not Sorcerer Supreme anymore and Strange leaves.

    Doctor Voodoo goes to his work at a free clinic to see an old man who has been waiting on him for hours. He is shocked to see the man is possessed by a loa spirit named Marinette-Bwa-Chech. Doctor Doom arrives to interrupt the two and fights Voodoo. Doom still wishes to have the Eye and feels now is his best chance since Voodoo is so untrained in its use. The two battle even raging through different dimensions but Doom wins.

    He takes the Eye but it opens to show him something that disgusts him and he leaves it with Voodoo who wonders what he saw. Their fight leaves Voodoo trapped in a dimension filled with strange frog monsters and where his magic is of no use. After escaping the strange dimension he finds that the demons of that plane have followed him to ours. To face this powerful threat Doctor Voodoo calls on Son of Satan for support. The duo discover that this whole ordeal is being lead by the long term Sorcerer Supreme enemy Nightmare.

    Heroic Age

    Brother Voodoo's death
    Brother Voodoo's death

    After events in the Marvel Universe leave its dimensional boundaries weakened, Doctor Strange and Hellstrom are possessed by a demonic entity. The entity is at first implied to be the Ancient One, but is later revealed to be Agamotto himself, who seeks to reclaim his Eye. In the ensuing battle, Brother Voodoo teams up with the New Avengers to defeat the villain, but ultimately sacrifices his live to destroy Agamotto once and for all. Daniel then swears vengeance on the Avengers for his brother's death.

    Later, Doctor Strange officially retakes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme after defeating Daniel.


    Brother Voodoo returns
    Brother Voodoo returns

    During the events of AXIS, Doctor Doom resurrects Brother Voodoo, as he realizes Jericho and Daniel are the only ones who can stop the Scarlet Witch, who has been transformed into a rampaging villain by the effects of the Inversion. The brothers play a key role in ending the crisis, with Brother Voodoo taking down the Inverted Iron Man while Doom and the possessed Scarlet Witch cast the spell to undo the Inversion.

    After the Inversion ends, Brother Voodoo is officially inducted into the Avengers Unity Squad alongside Quicksilver and the new Captain America.

    All-New Marvel & Uncanny Avengers

    Daniel's Betrayal
    Daniel's Betrayal

    Because of the second Civil War and other factors, tensions were high in the superhero community, causing the Unity Squad to become fractured. During this time, Voodoo is confronted and stabbed by his newly resurrected brother, Daniel, who reveals he had grown impatient with Jericho for not resurrecting him and that he had bargained with the Hand to have him revived instead. In exchange, Daniel disclosed the location of the grave of the recently deceased Bruce Banner.

    Voodoo manages to escape his brother and warn his remaining teammates of the Hand's plan to resurrect and turn Hulk into their thrall. The Unity Division assault the Hand and battle the newly resurrected Hulk until they manage to force and contain him in one of Voodoo's spells. As Voodoo begins freeing Banner's spirit from the Hand's influence he is confronted by a demon of the Hand who tells Jericho that if he frees Banner's soul they'll claim his brother's instead. Voodoo responds by declaring that Banner is his true brother and that Daniel had damned himself. Now free of the Hand's influence, Banner was allowed to return to the grave for some time more.

    No Surrender

    Dr. Voodoo volunteers for stasis
    Dr. Voodoo volunteers for stasis

    When Earth unwittingly became the game board in a contest of champions between Grandmaster and Challenger, most of the heavy-hitter Avengers were frozen in stasis to stop them from being obstacles. As an active member of the Avengers Unity Squad, Doc joined the other Avengers freed active members to try and free Earth from the contest.

    Doc’s magic expertise got him assigned to fixing the stasis Avengers with Scarlet Witch. They tried a number of spells until one finally freed The Vision, only for the freed Quicksilver to fall into stasis. They determine that for every Avenger they free, another will be frozen.

    They continue to look for a better way, but when The Hulk is resurrected by the Challenger and sent to the auxiliary Avengers HQ for all the problems they have created, they need to free a heavy hitter. Doc volunteered to be put into stasis to free Vision so he could defend the bunker from the Hulk.

    His sacrifice bought the rest of the team enough time to beat the Grandmaster and Challenger at their own game and free all the frozen heroes.


    Las Vegas was destroyed during Secret Empire. When Doctor Strange attempted to revive it, he accidentally brought Mephisto with it. Mephisto took over the city, allowing people to gamble their souls and locking up Strange so he couldn't stop it. Doc was one of many mystic superheroes recruited by Wong for a new Midnight Sons team to rescue Strange.

    He fought alongside the likes of Blade, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight to keep Mephisto's goons busy, while Ghost Rider attempts to dethrone Mephisto.

    Savage Avengers

    Savage Avengers
    Savage Avengers

    Doc was a number of warriors that were kidnapped by The Hand for Kulan Gath. Gath was making blood sacrifices in the Savage Land to raise a primordial god. These warriors that were lured to the Savage Land banded together as a Savage Avengers team to take on Gath and his god. They were able to take out the god, but Gath got away using one of the three Eyes of Agamotto.

    Due to the Eye being in play, Elektra notifies Doctor Strange. Doctor Voodoo attends Strange’s mission briefing to bring the Savage Avengers back together, plus new members, to follow leads on the second and third Eye, however, he is not assigned to a team. The team successfully takes possession of the second Eye but not the third. Strange disbands the team until he finds a better lead.

    While searching, he senses a magical poison in all the original members, including Doc, that would have slowly made them more subservient to Gath. He cures them from afar without ever informing them that they were dosed. Unfortunately, Gath is successful when he makes his next move. He sinks the world into a dystopia that Conan continues to fight him through the decades. In the future, Conan teams with Kang, who summons his Savage Avenger teammates, including Doc, to the future to fight and ultimately defeat Gath.

    Kang then sends them back to their home time.

    Strange Academy

    Doctor Voodoo in a classtoom
    Doctor Voodoo in a classtoom

    Doc was requested by Doctor Strange to be the headmaster of his new school, The Strange Academy. They were tasked with training the next generation of magic users.

    Upon sensing the death of Doctor Strange, Drumm teleported from the Strange Academy to the Sanctum to check on him. He got there just in time to see a temporary younger version of Strange that Strange had coordinated with in case he was ever untimely killed. With the barrier protecting Earth from other dimensions weakened due to Strange’s death, Drumm is forced to close the Strange Academy temporarily until they can re-secure the barrier. After which, Drumm is recruited by Wong to help with a binding spell to force fleeing dimensional warlords to help Strange against his murderer, Kaecellius and the invading Peregrine Child and Three Mothers.

    After which, Drumm re-opens the school, however, he is forced to expel a student for dealing black market magic to the students. Unfortunately, many of the students rallied around Emily Bright in a student walkout in support of the expelled student. This was short-lived as many of the students returned to school over Emily's increasingly erratic behavior. Warning Drumm that Emily was getting in over her head with Dormmamu, Drumm assembled a team of teachers and fought back against the Faltine, while the students geared up to take defend the school grounds from Emily. Both teams proved victorious, however, Emily was still lost to the dark side.


    No Caption Provided
    • Height: 6'0
    • Weight: 220 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown (with a white streak)
    • Citizenship: Haitian
    • Place of Birth: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    • Occupation: Houngan, Headmaster of the Strange Academy; formerly psychologist
    • Education: M.D. in Psychology, extensive voodoo training
    • Known Relatives: Daniel Drumm (brother, deceased)
    • Distinguishing Features: Often has his face painted, particularly a yellow V and circle on his forehead.


    Divine Powers: Doctor Voodoo possess a variety of divine powers, through the combination of Voodoo and Magic. Doctor Voodoo possesses numerous Mystical and Quasi-physical Powers derived from the Loa, the Spirit-Gods of Voodoo. He can can manipulate Magical/Mystical Forces, and Elemental Forces at his will. He can also summon Mystical Creatures to counter-attack Magical Attacks.

    Healing: Doctor Voodoo can heal himself and others, through the use of Magic and Voodoo.The extent of his healing powers are unknown.

    Levitation: Doctor Voodoo used The Cloak of Levitation to simulate flight when he was Sorcerer Supreme. He can also use his magic to levitate without it.

    Magic: Doctor Voodoo is a very powerful Magician, and has incredible magic prowess outside of his Voodoo. He can combine his Magic with his Voodoo, increasing his overall powers and abilities. He's also immune to Harmful Magic, and most Magic Effects. Being the new Sorcerer Supreme (The Most Powerful Overall Sorcerer), he is one of the most powerful beings in the Universe.

    Sorcerer Supreme: Doctor Voodoo was chosen for the high mystical position of Sorcerer Supreme by the Eye of Agamotto. After becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, his powers magical powers were significantly increased.

    Teleportation: Doctor Voodoo can instantaneously move form one place to another. He can also can use the Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell, to transport him to other dimensions.

    Voodoo: Doctor Voodoo is a Master of Voodoo Magic. As a Houngan, he uses it as a form of order or White Magic. Doctor Voodoo can easily enter into a trance-like state, in which he does not feel the heat from fire, and his skin becomes impervious to burning; He can also control flame and lower life forms. Doctor Voodoo can mystically create smoke accompanied by the sound of drums.The constant beat of the drums can disorient or unnerve an opponent. The smoke conceals his presence while he is able to see through it. Doctor Voodoo has the ability to command certain living things by a mystic sort of hypnotism, most effective over animals and plants. He can summon the Loa to request transport for himself and others instantaneously, if they deem it necessary to his mission. Doctor Voodoo can also summon the spirit of his brother Daniel Drumm from within his body, which can double his strength, durability, speed and stamina. He can send the spirit to possess another person's body and then has total control over their actions.


    Combat: Jericho has knowledge in many different forms of armed and unarmed combat.

    Escape Artist: Jericho possess great escapist skill, allowing him to escape from traps and infiltrate places unseen.. He once entered Strange's building, not through magic, but through the chimney.

    Intellect: Jericho is very intelligent. He has an extensive Medical background in multiple types of Conventional Medicine. Jericho also has vast knowledge of Magic over all, combined with his extensive knowledge of Voodoo, thanks to training by Papa Jambo. Along with Black Panther and Blue Marvel, he's one of the most educated superheroes in the world.

    Psychologist: Jericho is a noted, successful, and wealthy Doctor. He has a M.D. in Psychology, over 12 years of education/practice as an accredited Psychologist, and extensive knowledge in the way of Human behavior. Jericho also runs his own Free Clinic in New Orleans.

    Tracking: Jericho is a very skilled tracker. Through his use of his Voodoo and Magic, he can track anyone.

    Weapons Master: Jericho is very proficient in the use of different kids of weapons.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Books of knowledge: Doctor Voodoo uses these books, such as the Book of the Vishanti, to help him train for his future quests. Drumm also has the right to claim the Wand of Watoomb, according to Doctor Strange, but it is currently lost in another reality.

    Cloak of Levitation: The Cloak of Levitation allows Doctor Voodoo to fly at 25 miles an hour for indeterminate lengths.

    Doctor Strange's former costume: Doctor Voodoo has the use of Doctor Strange's formor costume, and his enchanted sash capable of extending in length.

    Eye of Agamotto: The Eye of Agamotto is a mystical artifact used by the Sorcerer Supreme. Among its various powers, it can project mystical light for a variety of effects, allow it's user the ability to fly, and give its user certain mystical perceptions into another's soul. It can also open dimensional portals, and cast a hypnotic gaze.

    Medallion: Jericho utilizes a medallion to assist him in harnessing the "Loa."

    Orb of Agamotto: Normally used for scrying, The Orb of Agamotto can be used to teleport others or to travel into Agamotto's personal realm.

    Staff of Legba: As the Houngan Supreme, Jericho is also a Guardian of the Eternal Crossroads. He wields the Staff of Legba, a gift bestowed only onto the Houngan Supreme. It serves as a conduit for Jericho's mystical energies, and also grants him access to infinite dimensions, which he refers to as "Everdimensions."

    Voodoo Paraphernalia: Jericho employs a host of Voodoo Paraphernalia such as Voodoo-dolls.

    Wand of Watoomb: Jericho has the right to claim the Wand of Watoomb according to Doctor Strange, but it is currently lost in another reality.

    Alternate Realities

    The Supernaturals

    On Earth-98091, Jericho Drumm is a music producer instead of a doctor. As a child, his brother Daniel forced him to participate in a blood ritual that Daniel said would bring their mother back from the dead. Instead, it sucked Daniel and all the superhumans into a portal, leaving magic-users as the only superheroes. Jericho's specific team were manipulated into assembling by the evil Jack O'Lantern (who was secretly Daniel Drumm)


    On Earth-7316, Jericho Drumm had the abilities of Cloak of Cloak and Dagger. He was joined by Alicia Masters, who had the abilities of Dagger.

    Mutant X

    On Earth-1298, Drumm is a member of the Lethal Legion, a team of heroes brought together by that Earth's Daredevil to face off against the Beyond. He appeared emaciated and potentially undead. Unfortunately, they were easily defeated.

    Marvel Zombies

    In Ultimate Fantastic Four #23 (Nov. 2005), in the alternate reality Ultimate Marvel universe, Brother Voodoo is one of dozens of superhero zombies. In the one-shot, flashback comic book Marvel Zombies: Dead Days (July 2007), Brother Voodoo is one of the last few surviving heroes to become infected with the zombie virus.

    What If? Age of Apocalypse

    Brother Voodoo was one of the main characters in an alternate Age of Apocalypse, first seen in the February 2007 What If? Featuring X-Men: Age of Apocalypse one-shot. In this issue, Brother Voodoo replaces Dr. Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme in the story and wears Strange's wardrobe. He battles Dormammu and helps the heroes take down Apocalypse, though himself vanishes when the Eye of Agamotto is taken away from him.

    Marvel Age Magazine

    Brother Voodoo was a frequent guest in Fred Hembeck's monthly Marvel Age feature, which also introduced his 'long lost sister', Sister Voodoo.


    A gender-swapped parody of Doctor Voodoo appeared in a parody cover in the Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration comic. She was a member of the Avengers of Portland and was named Voodonut, after the popular Portland, Oregon business, Voodoo Doughnuts.

    Avengers of the Undead

    On Earth-666, Jericho is seen as a member of the Avengers of the Undead, where each member is a different kind of monster. Punisher is a Frankenstein patchwork, and Captain America is a werewolf. Thor is a vampire, and Black Widow and Hawkeye are hybrids of their namesake animals. Drumm is seen as a green-tinged ghost.

    Valley of Doom

    On Earth-51920, where present day counterparts of Earth-616 lived in an 1870s time period. Drumm and his brothers worked as undertakers in the town of Timely. Remnants of this world were made part of Battleworld during the second Secret War.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Lego Avengers
    Lego Avengers
    • Brother Voodoo makes a small cameo appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. He is shown in Doctor Strange's ending along with other mystic's such as Wiccan and the Scarlet Witch.
    • Doctor Voodoo appears as a playable character in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
    • Brother Voodoo appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel's Avengers.
    • Doctor Voodoo appears as a playable fighter in Marvel Contest of Champions.
    • Doctor Voodoo was featured in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • A classic Brother Voodoo figure was shown in a Marvel Legends fan poll. Though a prototype was produced, Brother Voodoo ultimately lost the poll.
    • Brother Voodoo was included in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Doctor Voodoo appeared in the Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti box set from Hasbro, alongside Doctor Strange, Magik, Hela and Dormammu.
    • Doctor Voodoo was featured in the Marvel Legends Dormammu Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro, which was released for the live-action Doctor Strange movie.

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