Brother Tode

    Character » Brother Tode appears in 37 issues.

    Warlord of the Deviants

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    Little is known about Brother Tode's origin. He was born a member of the Deviants, and was raised amongst his people. At some point he married Vira, with whom he had a son, Ranar. Eventually he seized power, becoming the leader of the Deviants.  


    Tode was created by Jack Kirby

    Major Story Arcs


    Tode attempts to destroy the Celestials' cosmic beacon by sending one of his subjects, Kro, to locate it. When Kro fails to carry out his orders, Tode sends him to attack New York City. Later, Tode manages to survive the flooding of the City of Toads, which had been caused by Eson.  


    Tode leads his armies in an attack on the city of Olympia. He defeats the Eternals, and imprisons many of them through the use of brain mines. He then has the Eternals' immortality distilled and consumes it in an attempt to achieve immortality, which fails. He is defeated by Iron Man and members of the Eternals. He and the Deviants from the City of Toads are then molecularly rearranged into a large organic cube, effectively killing them.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Tode has no superhuman powers or abilities. His physical mutation of an abnormally large head is a detriment which limits his movement severely and causes him to rely on others for support. He is a gifted leader and a skilled tactician. 

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