Brother Royal

    Character » Brother Royal appears in 39 issues.

    Leader of the Brotherhood of Badoon.

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    The Brother Royal is the leader of the Brotherhood of Badoon and resides on their home planet Moord. He once led an invasion force to Earth but was repelled by the Silver Surfer.


    Brother Royal was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1968.

    Major Story Arc

    The Badoon were attacked on Moord by the Guardians of the Galaxy who had traveled back in time to destroy the Badoon before they could take over the Solar System as they had done in their reality. He manipulated a situation to have a one-on-one competition to settle the score, secretly having the incredibly powerful Enigma Force on his side. The chosen Badoon L'Matto was more than Charlie-27 could handle, but Starhawk and Dr. Strange intervened, defeating the Badoon. The Guardians left Moord, finally realizing they were out of line and if they destroyed the Badoon, they would become just like them.


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