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    A mannequin come to life and a failed "puppet" elemental

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    Brother Power is not truly alive rather he is the result of some bizarre transformation of living material to living. He originates in the 1960's when a small group of hippies living in an abandoned tailor shop put on old suit on a dummy and the combination of rain, dust, the heat from a radiator and a lightning strike brought the dummy to life. The hippies later discovered the now almost alive dummy and named him Brother Power.


    Brother Power’s first appearance was in Brother Power the Geek #1 in 1968. His creation was somewhat of an oddity, for a medium which takes its motivation from many different genres, he is one of the few characters ever developed around the concept of hippies, or with the intention of appealing to them specifically.

    Character Evolution

    The character is relatively forgotten, although his initial stories involved more of a fantasy, romantic or comedic element as opposed to superhero style stories. He has in modern comics been reinvented along the lines of a magical character.

    Major Story Arcs

    The hippies around Brother Power took an immediate liking to him and taught him to speak and sent him to school. Through the course of his adventures, Brother Power ran for Congress, was imprisoned as a circus freak, and forced to work on an assembly line by the villainous Lord Sliderule. While attempting to escape from Sliderule and the police, Brother Power hid himself away in an experimental missile and was launched into orbit around Earth. He was later discovered by a number of magicians and discovered that he is in fact a form of a puppet elemental. He has since been seen a few times in continuity and interacts with superheroes now, having crossed paths with the likes of Batman and the Phantom Stranger.

    New 52

    The mannequin of Brother Power can be seen displayed in a case at Commodore Murphy's base in Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #2.

    Powers and Abilities

    Because of his non-life origins as a cloth filled dummy, Brother Power is extremely pliable and resistant to injury. The electricity which animated him also gave him a great deal of physical strength, but as a pacifist he seeks to avoid hand to hand combat.


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