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    Brother Power The Geek #2

    Come on B Pow, can i call you B Pow? I really stuck my head out for you on the first issue. Sure there were some silly moments, but the over all sense of fun was a great reminder of why I got started on this hobby in the first place.

    This book however , gets to the point where silly begins to become stupid, and it reaches that point about three pages in with the introduction of the "Berlin Airplanes" Now don't get me wrong , every hero needs a villain, so i guess you have to have someone to fight, but you would think someone would have read that out loud and put a stop to it.

    I imagine someone said "haha sounds like the band Jefferson Airplane" and then you guys ran with it.

    After that there was a moment when I thought the book really began to have the feel of the first book, unfotunately the feeling lasted right up until the introduction of Lord Sliderule, and the desire of Joe Simon to create a grocery store that makes missiles.

    Even Wal -Mart does not delve into weapons ... yet.

    The book is still enjoyable, and to tell you the truth , i wish there was a 3rd issue. Unfortunately, it never came. So this was your farewell issue. Entertaining , but oh so not to the same quality of the first book. So while I told everyone to read your first issue, I can't stick my neck out for you again. I hope we meet again sometime, and when and if we do, I hope it is on better terms. Until then I can only say ... "Meh"

    Thank you for reading,


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