Brother Power the Geek #2

    Brother Power the Geek » Brother Power the Geek #2 released by DC Comics on December 1, 1968.

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    The issue picks up where issue number one left off. Brother Power floating in the San Francisco Bay. He is soon fished out of the water by a group of self described under privileged youths.

    Not understanding what they have they decide to hang him by their campfire to dry out. The group sit by their fire unbeknownst that they are being watched by the infamous "Berlin Airplanes".

    Soon the airplane gang attacks the group, during the fight one of them tries to steal the Geeks boots. This brings him into the fray. Soon he chases the world famous "Berlin Airplanes" away and introduces himself to his new friends by telling them his story.

    The next day he is walking with them and suggests they get jobs and stop being so lazy. They suggest the local grocery store will never hire a geek , but he is hired and because of his incredible strength he soon becomes very valuable.

    Unfortunately the store is going bankrupt, and the only person able to save it is Lord Sliderule, who shows up to the store with his entourage of circus performers. Sliderule quickly promises he is able to turn the place around if he can take control of management.

    His first act is to fire the geek because Lord Sliderule only hires his own people. The geek takes this personal and a fight breaks out , but the owner reminds Lord Sliderule that he can not take over until all of the factories production problems are solved.

    The owner and the geek go to the production floor while Sliderule and his crew use their computer to try to figure the problem out. Power watches as a factory worker reaches across his body to get a piece of machinery, and suggests to the owner to hire a few left handers, thus solving the production problem.

    Wanting the space lasers made at the factory ( I am not sure if you noticed this used to be a grocery store ) Lord Sliderule wants to stop Brother power The geek from getting the new information to the owner. They fight across a scafolding until the geek wins.

    We see as the owner and the Geek talk. The owner tells him that he is trying to find a replacement, and offers to put him on the board of directors. His success is short lived as he notices his old hippie friends from issue Brother Power the Geek #1 - Brother Power the Geek.

    He gets the idea to hire them, and they all come to work for him, enjoying their new found responsibility. Yet as Cindy and Nick become closer to each other , Lord Sliderule seeks to sabotage the grocery stores space program, so he leaks to the press that the geek is there , and he has hired a lot of hippies to slow things down.

    The next day the missile that the grocery store built is sabotaged by Lord Sliderule, and The Geek and the hippies are blamed. Seeing that the Geek is a wanted man , the Governer sends the police after the geek.

    As the army and the police storm the grocery store/factory , we discover one of the hired hippies used to be a member of the Berlin Airplanes. He calls his old friends to help , and as they approach the grocery store , the plane crashes.

    The Geek decides to make a break for it and jumps off of the building, yet the army begins to immediately chase him. He makes his escape into the new and ready to launch missile.

    Not one to pass up an opportunity, Lord Sliderule launches the missile and the Geek into space. At the same time the hippies find the evidence to convict Lord Sliderule, and clear the geeks name. Just in time for the next issue that was promised to take place in space.



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    Brother Power The Geek #2 0

    Come on B Pow, can i call you B Pow? I really stuck my head out for you on the first issue. Sure there were some silly moments, but the over all sense of fun was a great reminder of why I got started on this hobby in the first place.This book however , gets to the point where silly begins to become stupid, and it reaches that point about three pages in with the introduction of the "Berlin Airplanes" Now don't get me wrong , every hero needs a villain, so i guess you have to have someone to fight...

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