Brother Power the Geek #1

    Brother Power the Geek » Brother Power the Geek #1 - Brother Power the Geek released by DC Comics on October 1, 1968.

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    This volume has the origin of Brother Power.

    One day a group of hippie pacifists are attacked unprovoked by a motorcycle gang.

    they find shelter in an abandoned tailor's shop they turned into a home. There they clean the blood off of themselves and their clothes. After which they hang the wet garments on an old tailor's dummy.

    A year passes , when lightening strikes a radiator near the dummy, giving it life. At the same time the motorcycle gang returns. Wanting to run down the dummy , they discover it has incredible strength, and unlike the hippies, it defends itself when attacked.

    Dubbing him "Brother Power" they begin to teach him how to speak, but they know they have a limited vocabary , so they send the Geek to school. he learns and teaches himself. Seeing his hippie friends as unmotivated and lazy , he decides his miraculous life will not go wasted.

    One day while the Geek and his hippie friends are exploring the town. A circus kidnaps the geek. The hippies thinking Brother Power was kidnapped by the motorcycle gang, dresses as superheroes , and attacks the leather clad group. Inevitably the hippies are beaten. When the leader of the biker gang asks why they attacked them? The hippies say they want the Geek back. Admitting they never want anything to do with Brother Power, the gang sends the hippies on their way.

    They remembered a circus float near where the geek disappeared , so they investigate by becoming workers for the circus. They make their way to the freaks tent where they find brother Power, unfortunately he is being guarded by the circus strong man.

    The hippies fight for their friend unsuccessfully but as they are beaten , they knock a light into the puddle below Brother Power. The resulting electrical burst gives the geek strength enough to break his chains and defeat the strong man.

    They escape back to the Tailor shop where a friend named Cindy sews the geek together again , and gives him a new look. She says he looks more attractive , and the geek becomes enamored with her.

    His infatuation motivates him to get into politics, and he makes a run for congress, yet before he is able to even get off the ground , the owner of the circus shows up with the police , and they chase the geek into the sewers , where even the motorcycle gang are after him.

    He steals the gang leaders motorbike and makes an unlikely escape to the Golden Gate Bridge. There he finds himself surrounded , and feeling no other option , he rides the bike over the side of the bridge and into the water. Leaving his friends behind wondering what the Geek may have become had he been given the chance to live.



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    I was not expecting to like this book. Especially not as much as i did. Sure it has a simple plot , and the dialogue is amazingly forced, yet ... what comic from the Silver Age didn't have a simple plot and forced dialogue? Especially one that dealt with young people. I read in the series write up that they cancelled this book for fear that it promoted drugs, and the hippie lifestyle. Far from it. This book really shows little to no respect for the hippie lifestyle. Many times the Geek denou...

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