Character » Broot appears in 97 issues.

    His immense size gives him extraordinary strength. Although he is a skilled hand to hand fighter, he prefers to use force as a last resort.

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    Charis-Nar was born on the planet Changralyn, a world with immense and powerful beings who long ago had dedicated their lives to peace as prescribed by their ancient scriptures. Though Changralyn's doctrine left no room for argument, Charis-Nar found himself questioning these teachings and was ridiculed by his peers for doing so.

    In time, Charis-Nar married his soul mate Kattayan-Besh, a woman branded with the same markings as he. Together they tried to live beneath the strict rules of Changralyn.

    The evil Citadel controlled Changrayln and used the powerful populace as forced labour, but no matter how terrible their plight, the people of Changrayln refused to rebel for fear of spiritual retribution.

    The Citadel sent Gordanian slavers to remove the children of Changralyn and bring them to an outpost mining colony where they would work until they died. Not even the abduction of their young children could force a change in the ways of the Changralyn.

    But against all the scriptures, Charis-Nar refused to let his son be taken by the Gordanian slavers. As He struggled with the slavers, a Gordanian murdered his child. In a rage never seen before among his race, Charis-Nar slew the Gordanian. This action caused the Citadel to launch an atomic reprisal. Charis-Nar was rejected by his people and exiled.

    Eventually Charis-Nar was sent to the Citadel prison planet, where he joined the Omega Men in their successful escape. Later, searching for his wife, the newly named Broot found she was teaching Changralyn's sacred scriptures in the depths of the Citadel mines. Realising they could no longer be husband and wife, Broot left Kattayan-Besh behind in her peaceful existence and rejoined the Omega Men to free the Vegan star system from Citadel tyranny.


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