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The gargoyle beast that would one day become known as Bronx was hatched in the year 978, in the rookery for the Wyvern clan, and would soon end up one of the very few gargoyles left from the wyvern clan. He survived what would become known as the wyvern masacre because of him along with gargoyles that would become known as Brooklyn, Broadway,and Lexington being sent down to the rookery by Goliath because of a fight with some of the humans of castle wyvern.
When they awoken they met with Goliath and Hudson, back at the castle surrounded by the debris of there demolished clan, they then decided on revenge and to rescue the humans that were taken from the castle by the vikings. They tracked them across the scottland countryside, finding them where the vikings had made camp. They defeated the vikings and freed the humans, but the wizard the Magus fearing that the gargoyles interference had scared the vikings and cost Princess Katharine
 her life cast a spell on the gargoyles that forced them into a stone sleep even during the night, Soon the magus realized his mistake when princess Katherine and Goliath showed up alive, with Goliath being told the  spell was irreversible he asked the Magus to cast it on him, where they rested on castle wyvern for over 1,000 years, when billionaire David Xantos being guided on how to reverse the spell by Demona moved castle wyvern on top of his skyscraper, putting it above the clouds freeing Bronx and his clan from there stone sleep.When they were awoken they were tricked by Xanatos, into stealing corporate rivals technology he teamed with Hudson and went to the cybernetics underground lab. Where after discovering they were tricked Xantos was tricked for stealing technology and went to prison for several months.Which time he become very attached to the human Elisa Maza.
Bronx would take place in less adventures then his fellow gargoyles due to the lack of wings and having to be carried by another gargoyle. He stayed at the castle and later the clock tower being the guard dog to their home along with the elder gargoyle Hudson often napping while Hudson spent quiet evenings by the television set.He still is very firece when it comes to protecting innocents and his clans, he was the one who ended up chewing half the skin face off the coyote robot when it along with pack attacked his clan.
While Bronx didn't have quite as many adventures as the rest of his clan, he soon embarked on the avalon world tour, along with Goliath and Eliza. After helping the avalon clan, and meeting the garogyle beast named boudicca , he along with Goliath, Eliza and the newest member to the clan Goliath's biological daughter Angela. But not before the mystical river of Avalon sends them throughout the world wherever there needed.One particular adventure for Bronx is when they were sent to Ireland, where he met a boy named Rory Dugan and helped him come to terms with being the reincarnation of the Irish mythological hero known as Cu Chullain and helped him defeat the Banshee a child of Oberon.Here it is also heavily implied, that Bronx himself is the reincarnation of the Hound of Ulster. After this, he soon returned home to Manhattan, where he once again started staying back at the the clock tower. His next big role in the series was when he appeared in the final episodes of the series involving the entire clan, trying to stop Demona from the entire human race, leaving only the gargoyles save. And the show ending with gargoyles still viewed as monsters by the general public, but reinstated to their castle home of castle wyvern. 
Following this during Xantos decides to throw a Halloween party, but that Hudson and Bronx don't attend. They go and sit with Hudson's human Friend Jeffrey Robbins, while Hudson and Jeffreys dog slept peacefully by the fire. When Bronx and Hudson return to the castle they quickly discover that Thailog has crashed the party with Goliath seriously injured. Bronx then atatcks and is quickly dispatched by Thalog slashing him with a blade, with the motives later revealed as collecting dna from the Manhattan clan. Bronx soon healed from this following the sun rising, healing everyone's injuries from that night. Following this Bronx soon met the newest addition the newest additions to the clan Coldfire and Coldstone who had rejoined the clan following being placed into robotic bodys after being seperated from Coldsteel. Then later after Brooklyn's journey through the time stream he came back with his mate Katana, son Nashville, and a gargoyle beast named Fu-Dog who Bronx quickly sniffs before the entire clan goes off to battle the pack.


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