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Bronchuk has been a Green Lantern for sometime. He is highly untrusting of telepaths, stating "what's up here is mine and mine alone. I don't need any visitors." Bronchuk is a fond of female lanterns. He hit on Brik and she punched him in the face for his advances.

During a mission to free some Lanterns from The Keepers, Bronchuk lost his arm, but used his ring to construct a new one so he could keep fighting.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Green Lantern Corps: Fearsome

Guy Gardner is seeking out some toughest Green Lanterns for a mission to save John Stewart and Vandor from the Keepers. Kilowog tells him about the Mean Machine, a group of tough Lanterns that meet under Warriors Bar. When Guy finds the Mean Machine, Bronchuk is there with Flint, Lee, and Aldo all drinking Guy's liquor. Guy convinces them to help him and introduces the old dogs to the young Lanterns he has assembled.

During this meeting, Bronchuk tries to stand up to Martian Manhunter, but is brushed off by the teleapath. Bronchuk then hits on Brik but is rejected, with a punch the face. Guy bring the group back to the mission at hand and their first step is to steal some guns.

To do this they raid a pirate ship and Bronchuk is incharge of cutting through the haul to get to the payload. He succeeds at the this and arms the team with physical weapons.

The team then heads to Urak, the Keepers' home world, on the flight Bronchuk and Lee doze off, but are wide awake and ready for battle when they land. They soon come in contact with the Keepers, who are chasing after John Stewart and Vandor.

During the ensuing battle, Bronchuk loses his arm, but uses his ring to make a new arm till the battle is won by instilling fear into the Keepers.

Powers and Abilities

Aldo has the same power and abilities that a Green Lantern.normally do.


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