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    Green Lantern of Space Sector 981.

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Active

    Space Sector:


    Sector Partner: Unknown



    Predecessor: Unknown

    Successor: Inapplicable


    Brokk is a veteran Green Lantern who served during the war against Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. Brokk was present when the renegade Guardian of the Universe Krona caused the Central Power Battery to explode, killing many Lanterns in a burst of green fire. Brokk helped fellow Lantern's Stel of Grenda, Katma-Tui, and others rescue survivors from the debris by usingits long, empathic tentacles to aid it in its duty as a "living ambulance". Brokk's tentacles have a natural ability to sooth an injury as Brokk carries the fallen Lantern from the battlefield to safety.

    Brokk worked overtime recently after the Sinestro Corps' invasion of Oa and was responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Green Lanterns Corps members. Brokk was among those corpsmen who fought on Earth in the final battle with Sinestro's forces.

    Brokk was later seen assisting Soranik Natu in the Oan medical bay dealing with numerous Lanterns who had suffered post traumatic stress disorder following the War of the Green Lanterns.


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