Broken Blade

    Character » Broken Blade appears in 11 issues.

    Broken Blade is a smuggler in deep space, laundering goods and information through the guise of a nightclub.

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    At a young age, Broken Blade was indoctrinated into an order of assassins called the Black Dagger. She was taught to kill and apparently became very adept at it, but soon became jaded - as she was being used as their 'lapdog' and left the order. The order sent waves of assassins to kill Broken Blade, but none could kill her. As a last resort, the order proclaimed that her blade was broken, as an attempt at public humiliation, since they had failed at killing her over and over again. Being a broker of information, the Deadpool Corps are steered toward Broken Blade by the Eyeball, who informed them that she could get them close to the Awareness, whom they are in search of. After finding her nightclub, Broken Blade and Deadpool square off quickly, but seeing that neither is gaining a foothold and deducing that Deadpool was somehow sent by the Eyeball, Broken Blade decides to take the Merc to her private quarters. As a sort of bragging rite, Broken Blade sleeps with Deadpool and reveals to him both her origins and the fact that she has a ship that is partially cloaked to the Awareness. The Deadpool Corps fill the holes in her vacationing crew and head into space.


    Broken Blade is a Marvel comic book character created by Rob Liefeld and Victor Gischler and she first appears in Deadpool Corps #4 released in 2010. The character bears a strong resemblance to Domino, also a creation of Rob Liefeld.

    Powers and Abilities

    Broken Blade is a highly trained and deadly fighter, on par with Deadpool and has been from a young age. She is also adept with alien technology and weaponry.


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