Character » Brock appears in 13 issues.

    Brock is a Chechen, he works as a gamekeeper and master hunter for Jonah Morgan at Glen Morgan Estate In Scotland.

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    At the time he was hunting with his son Desan, they saw how Russian soldiers tortured and killed a man. Brock decided to look closer and he ordered to his son to remain in place.

    Brock found Jonah Morgan who has informed him that Russians have captured him together with the friend, but Morgan managed to run away. During this time, Russians found Desan and decided that he was spying on them; they started to interrogate Desan with force application.

    Brock had to come to grips with the Russian to try to save his son. During the battle, he deprived eyes of one of the agents - Sadic, who managed to shoot Desan. Brock has considered that his son died, but that was not true.

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    Brock moved to Scotland and began to work as a gamekeeper for Jonah Morgan at Glen Morgan Estate.After many years, Glen Morgan Estate was attacked by mercenaries, who were looking for a Draganov’s Equation. Brock eliminated them, but they managed to kill Jonah Morgan.

    Brock found out who hired the mercenaries. Brock went to Holland where he met Krista , daughter of Jonah Morgan. She was dating with Pieter van Allen , the man who hired mercenaries and was working for Russian agent Sadic. Brock killed Pieter van Allen and together with Krista returned to Scotland.


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