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    O.S.I. agent and bodyguard to Dr. Venture.

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    Brock Samson was born in Omaha, NE to a single mother but was raised in Minnesota. His ancestry is half-Swedish, quarter-Polish, and a quarter-Winnebago tribe. He lost his virginity at 14, has one younger brother, and enjoys motocross. He received a scholarship to play football at State University, where he was ironically roommates with his future assignment, Dr. Venture. Unfortunately, his tenure in college was short-lived. His scholarship was pulled after he accidentally killed the team’s quarterback during a routine practice. With no other prospects, he enlisted in the US Marines.


    Brock Samson debuted in the pilot episode of The Venture Brothers tv series for [adult swim], called “The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay.” He has only been voiced by veteran voice actor, Patrick Warburton. His appearance is based on the pro-wrestler, Psycho Sid Vicious.

    Major Story Arcs

    Agent of the OSI

    OSI License to Kill
    OSI License to Kill

    After leaving the Marines, Brock was recruited to the Office of Secret Intelligence (O.S.I.), a covert American intelligence agency that specializes in protecting super scientists and opposing costumed terrorists. His commanding officer and closest thing to a father (admittedly) was Col. Hunter Gathers. He believed in Brock’s integrity and skill and put him through rigorous training to make him perfect.

    During one early mission, Brock was undercover during the 1986 Goodwill Games. When he attempted to intervene with an assassination, his partner was killed by Molotov Cocktease, a Soviet femme fatale that Brock would go on to have many run-ins with, including one where he ripped out one of her eyes. He would describe her as the only woman he ever loved, despite never having sex due to her chastity belt.

    Eventually, Brock would partner with Hunter while investigating a super villain trade union called The Guild of Calamitous Intent. The OSI officially considered them a rumor, but Hunter was obsessed. Trusting Hunter, Brock agreed to make an asset out of Billy Whelan, a former game show contestant whose reputation was ruined by a cheating scandal. They faked Billy’s entrance into an advanced university so he could work with Pr. Fantamos, who they believed had ties to The Guild. Fantamos eventually admitted to his membership to the Guild but not before attempting a science experiment to fix his disabled limbs. He trusted Billy to run the machines, but Billy’s genius was faked. He was ill-prepared to deal with the complications, and the lab exploded.

    The mission was considered a failure. Hunter was fired, and Brock was reassigned to Operation: Rusty’s Blanket, bodyguard duties for super scientist (and his former roommate), Dr. Venture, and his two sons, Hank and Dean. He was also told to protect a particular plot of the compound with no further details. He planted his herb garden there to avoid suspicion.


    Meeting Sasquatch and Steve
    Meeting Sasquatch and Steve

    While caring for the Ventures, Brock eventually develops real paternal feelings for Hank and Dean and even occasional camaraderie with Doc, although he often attempts to keep them at arm’s length. This wasn’t just for the integrity of his job but due to the Ventures’ penchant for being annoying and clingy. One such attempt was his annual Memorial Day camping trip.

    On one particular outing, Brock ignored some military guards near the entrance of a campsite who were trying to secure the area. Brock, who rarely feared anyone, didn’t care. He camped all the same and had his peaceful retreat interrupted by Sasquatch. The military was not hunting him though, but rather they were hunting Sasquatch’s boyfriend, Steve Summers, a former astronaut who was rebuilt as a cyborg. The military considered him missing property.

    Feeling bad for them, Brock helped them sneak passed the guards

    Sorayama Funeral

    Brock attended the funeral of Doc’s college friend, Mike Sorayama, who Brock technically had a run-in with. He was chosen to be a pallbearer, as did Doc, Pete White, the college DJ, and Baron Underbeiht, who blamed Doc for the lab explosion that cost him his lower jaw. The funeral was a trick though. The casket turned into a rocket and brought the four to a prison, where Mike revealed he wasn’t really dead. Instead, he wanted revenge on the four of them.

    Mike blamed Doc for sleeping with his college crush, Leslie Cohen, however, that was actually Brock. He blamed Brock for the beating Mike got the night Brock was kicked out of school. Grief-stricken from killing his teammate, Brock got wasted and returned home to Doc’s DnD game. After stepping on a die, Brock loses control and beats the crap out of all 4 of his fellow students.

    Thankfully, while Mike monologues, Brock breaks free of his restraints and starts fighting through the Leslie lookalike robot guards only to find out that Mike had actually passed away. They have been talking to a computerized version of Mike’s memories.

    The Second to Last Death of the Venture Brothers

    With Doc at the hospital
    With Doc at the hospital

    After taking the family in costume to a special screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brock became concerned with Doc’s sudden, inexplicable stomach pain. It appeared as if something was forcing its way out, so Brock rushed him to the nearest hospital, leaving the boys in the care of Venture compound tenant and necromancer, Dr. Orpheus. At the hospital, the doctor removed a teratoma that was later lost.

    This teratoma turned out to be a conjoined twin that Doc absorbed in the womb. It was sentient and chose the name Jonas Venture Jr. He followed Brock and Doc back to the compound and attempted to kill Doc for taking his life away. First, he needed to get rid of Brock, who he chained to the top of his prized Dodge Charger. With the help of Doc’s robot assistant, HELPeR, Brock managed to free himself and stop JJ’s assault on Doc. Helpless, JJ asked for mercy, and Doc granted it to him.

    In the meantime, the Venture brothers had run away believing Doc was pregnant and that they were being replaced. Orpheus followed them and ensured they were safe hoping they would come back on their own. Unfortunately, the two ended up being killed by a henchman of The Monarch, Doc’s archrival, a rich orphan with a butterfly obsession. Despite having a large clone farm to replace the boys that he has already used multiple times for his accident prone children, Doc allowed this death to send him into a deep depression . He traveled the world avoiding the grief until Brock brought him home and finally activated two of the clones.

    Hunting Gathers

    Brock confronts the surgeon
    Brock confronts the surgeon

    Brock is called back to OSI duty for a special mission only he could complete. He was to track down a rogue agent of the OSI, his former mentor, Hunter Gathers. While he is gone, he hires Molotov to watch the Ventures as their interim bodyguard. During a briefing on a submarine, he learns that Hunter has kidnapped the enemy’s best plastic surgeon and was tracked to Macronesia. From the sub, Brock is shot toward Macronesia in a one-man torpedo pod.

    After arriving, he spends the night with his local contact, a pretty native girl. When he awakes in the morning, the girl appears dead with a message written on her: “No More Secrets.” Brock is now convinced his friend went off the deep end because he would never kill women or children (although it's proven she’s alive after Brock leaves her.)

    He tracks Hunter to an ancient temple, where the plastic surgeon has set up a makeshift surgical theater. Brock was about to kill him while he could, but the surgeon stopped him. He read a letter Hunter had prepared knowing Brock was not far behind him. It said he was sick of the secrets and wanted out of the game. Brock didn’t care until he pulled back the sheet to reveal Hunter had undergone surgery to affirm his gender as female, confirming an identity he had often alluded to.

    Remembering the “no women, no children” training, Brock abandoned the mission to kill Hunter.

    20 Years to Midnight

    Riding with the Inquisitor
    Riding with the Inquisitor

    While cleaning his room, Brock found a Betamax tape with a message recorded for Doc from his late father, Jonas. Jonas claimed to have deciphered an alien radio signal instructing him to create his “greatest invention’ and hide it until it is to be used at midnight on a specific date, which happens to be tomorrow. At the same time, they are visited by The Inquisitor, a giant alien being who lorded over them continuing to chant “IGNORE ME” as it strictly observes their actions.

    With the help of JJ, Brock and the others split into four teams to collect each of the gadgets. Brock, Doc, and the Inquisitor head to New York where a piece had been hidden in the Impossible Industries tower. Because Pr. Richard Impossible still holds a grudge against Doc, Doc attempted to sweet talk Richard’s wife, Sally, into getting him in and to the device piece. The trio are ultimately caught by Richard, who had found the piece in his building years ago. He also manipulated the other teams so that they brought the pieces all to him.

    Richard believed Doc was unfit to use the device, however, JJ and Brock were able to escape and fight Richard. Eventually, they released the others and escaped from the tower with the device. At midnight, it turned on and out stepped an alien disguised as Jonas Sr. He pulled a gun and shot the Inquisitor in the head, saving the world.

    Return of Myra

    While Doc worked with Orpheus, Brock lost track of the boys. Using the locators in their watch communicators, he tracked them to a dumpster off of the compound, fearing the worst. While digging through the trash, he found the watches connected to an IED. The watches flashed the message “The Boys Are Mine,” with Brock lamenting “Myra’s Back!”

    This Myra is Myra Brandish, a former American Gladiator and the previous OSI agent assigned to bodyguard Doc before Brock. She had a mental break where she started having romantic feelings for Doc and believed herself to be the boys’ mother.

    Tai Chi
    Tai Chi

    HELPeR answers Brock’s distress signal and uses his sensors to help him search for Myra. They track her to a rundown motel where Doc’s work with Orpheus had also brought him. Myra was now trying to make off with all three of the Ventures when Brock showed up. She wasted no time running him over, but when she sees Brock get to his feet, she turns around to hit him again. This time Brock turns his back to the car and performs some light Tai Chi. This puts him in the perfect position to smash through the windshield, land on Myra, grab the steering wheel with one hand, restrain Doc like a seatbelt with the other, and stomp on the brakes.

    Thus, Brock saved the Ventures once again.

    Showdown at Cremation Creek

    Brock was getting a tattoo of the Led Zeppelin Icarus insignia when he was jumped by The Monarch’s henchmen. They were still drunk from The Monarch’s bachelor party and had managed to kidnap Brock as a fluke. With Brock out of the way, the henchmen decided to kidnap the Venture family as well, as a wedding gift to The Monarch. However, The Monarch’s fiancée, Dr. Girlfriend, had just made him promise that their special day would not be about his obsession with Dr. Venture. So, The Monarch pivoted, announcing Doc as his best man. Brock reluctantly accepts the position of usher.

    Brock's counterstrike
    Brock's counterstrike

    As the festivities get under way, Brock is dismayed at the arrival of rock legend, David Bowie, and his two bodyguards, Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi. Bowie was secretly the Sovereign, leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent (later revealed to be a shapeshifter who just really liked Bowie). He agreed to give the bride away in lieu of a father. Before the wedding ceremony could take place, Phantom Limb, Dr. Girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, shows up having led a coup on The Guild, controlling Bowie’s army, including his two bodyguards.

    Without the OSI for help, Brock took control of the Monarch’s henchman, The Fluttering Horde. Wearing his own pair of wings and carrying his own tranq gun, Brock led them into battle against The Guild wasps. Meanwhile, The Monarch and Doc accidentally take out Phantom Limb and Bowie rescues Dr. Girlfriend, ending the showdown.

    The Orb

    The only time that Brock needed to defend his herb garden was when Billy was obsessed with possible coded messages left by Jonas Sr. in old episodes of the Rusty Venture cartoon. Doc decided to trust Billy, and they found a number of artifacts. One put them on a long scavenger hunt for an old family invention, The Orb. The other was an old recording that Doc pawned off on Brock. The recording was of Sandow, the bodyguard for Doc’s ancestor Col. Lloyd Venture, discussing his regretful actions towards his employer over The Orb.

    Brock's herb garden being dug up
    Brock's herb garden being dug up

    Believing his orders might be to kill Doc, Brock double checked with the spy computer installed on his car. While trying to search the “termination clause” of Operation: Rusty’s Blanket, Brock triggered his own burn notice, turning the car into a death trap to take him out. He escaped and sought out Hunter, now working at the local strip club as a dancer. During an uncomfortable lap dance, Hunter informed Brock that Operation: Rusty’s Blanket, or O.R.B., was actually Orders Regarding Bodyguard. It was imperative that he stop Doc from retrieving and using the Orb.

    Brock pushed past his loyalty to Doc and caught up with him at a museum, where he and Billy had finally found the Orb. It was being used as a paperweight when Doc finally remembered something his father said about the best place to hide something being in plain sight. He realized if his father hid it, it was probably for a good reason. Doc decided to keep it hidden, and Brock was relieved he didn’t have to kill him.


    Once Brock returned home, he was confronted by his car still on autopilot and under instructions to terminate Brock. Brock was forced to rip it apart piece by piece. He and the Venture family were then surrounded by Molotov and her Black Hearts mercenary group. She informs Brock that the OSI put a hit out on him. She turned it down, but three assassins are now competing for the bounty:

    Getting arrested
    Getting arrested

    Brock instructed the Ventures to hide out at Spider-Skull island so they don’t get caught in the crossfire, however, when Hank stows away with Brock, the family end up in his care anyway. He is forced to fight off all three super assassins to keep them safe. He sets Trigger on fire, feeds Fish to a shark, and cuts Tueur in half with his own sword. He takes a lot of damage in the process including shark bites, cutting off his trademark mullet, and losing a nipple.

    He is set up to be arrested for the murders but is sprung by Mol who hires The Cleaner to get them out. His only chance to get away was to set up a showdown between Monarch and his henchmen and The OSI, under General Treister at the Venture Compound. Brock tries to hide them in the safe room but misunderstanding Brock’s plans, Doc and the boys activate all the blank Venture brother clones for a makeshift army. This forces Brock to finally make an appearance to negotiate peace. Treister claims the termination was all a big mistake, and he was only trying to bring him in alive so they could sort it out. Disenfranchised with the whole thing, Brock quit anyway, only to be caught in an explosion on the battlefield.

    Off the Grid

    After the battle at the Venture compound, Brock woke up in the sickbay on the OSI hellicarrier. His chest took most of the damage. When he undid the bandages, he found HELPeR’s head surgically implanted as a temporary pacemaker. Brock still is distrustful of the OSI, so he escapes and finds Hunter’s plastic surgeon to remove HELPeR and fix his injuries. He then stayed off the grid thanks to Sasquatch and Steve Summers. During this time, he gained a lot of weight and grew his hair and beard out longer than he usually has it.

    The new SPHINX
    The new SPHINX

    Realizing he needs closure, he decides to look into who may have set off the explosion. His first stop was the Black Hearts, where Hunter has joined Molotov’s all female squad. While sneaking around their headquarters, he runs into a SPHYNX agent also sneaking around. Their ensuing fight got them caught, but Brock narrowly escaped by jumping through a window. Once outside, he was captured by SPHINX, who later reveal themselves to be burned OSI spies working independently, including Shore Leave and Hunter, who had his sex reassignment reversed.

    They extended an offer for Brock to join, which he accepted.

    Agent of SPHINX

    As a member of SPHINX, Brock accepts the new mission to ensure that all supervillains and super scientists work within the confines of the first Treaty of Tolerance, with supervillains as a members of The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the super scientists cooperating with the OSI. They secretly create a base out of a storage facility on the Venture compound, which they successfully hid from the Ventures for a while with experimental memory-wiping tech. Their number one target was the superhuman crime lord, Monstroso.

    They make a connection between Monstroso and The Investors, a trio of vampiric businessmen dealing with Faustian contracts. When the Investors target Billy Quizboy, Pete White asks for their help, believing they owe Billy for the abuse they subjected him to when they were agents of OSI. Thankfully, Monstoro’s interest in Billy was innocent. Monstroso needed a desperate surgeon willing to operate on him. While Monstroso was under anesthetic, Brock took the opportunity to take him into custody after Billy had finished his surgery.

    With Monstroso in custody and the Ventures no longer being memory wiped, Brock started getting close to the family again. For the boys homeschool prom, he was put in charge of transportation, while Hunter negotiated a custody exchange for Monstroso with the OSI. Unfortunately, the prom was infiltrated by Molotov and her Black Hearts among the escorts hired by Doc. They were trying to rescue the comatose Monstroso who Mol married behind Brock’s back. Brock chased Mol down during her getaway, but he ultimately had to turn back upon learning the escorts were Mol’s Black Hearts with instructions to execute everyone at the prom.

    Return of Molotov

    Back with the OSI
    Back with the OSI

    After the prom, Brock is determined to track down Mol and Monstroso. With Hunter back in charge of the OSI, Brock was reinstated as an agent leaving the Ventures in the capable hands of Sgt. Hatred. With the resources of the OSI, he tracks the duo to a yacht and takes them in to the OSI helicarrier. Brock attempts to interrogate Monstroso, but he starts offering up info on Guild leadership for clemency.

    Brock can’t promise him that and leaves the giant to sweat it out. As he leaves, the Investors show up to throw Monstroso from the helicarrier. Mol also manages to escapes which becomes Brock’s #1 priority. She stole a former Sphinx power suit that increases her strength and speed and manages to walk out to one of the helicarrier engines, appearing as if she was going to damage it. Brock followed Mol to challenge her, but they were interrupted by Hunter.

    Hunter reveals to Brock that he had hired Mol as a double agent to spy on Monstroso. The agents she killed during her escape were crooked, and it was imperative that they help Mol keep her cover. Mol ditches the power suit and parachutes to safety. Meanwhile, Brock makes a big show about tossing the empty power suit into the engine propellers, convincing the rest of the OSI that he had killed Molotov.

    Bot Seeks Bot

    Surveillance van with disguised Ghost Robot
    Surveillance van with disguised Ghost Robot

    Before his death, Monstroso informed Brock that The Guild was led by an anonymous Council of 13. The only member Monstroso knew was Boggles the Clue Clown, who recently died. Brock joined a surveillance team that staked out Boggles’ funeral trying to identify the remaining 12 council members. Unfortunately, they only identify one: Vendata.

    OSI intel says Vendata was a cyborg created by Dr. Jonas Venture in the 1970s which was scrapped after he attacked Doc when Doc was a boy. After finding a personal ad from Vendata looking for a robot companion, Brock and Shore Leave recruit Ghost Robot from the Super Gang to go undercover as Vendata’s date.

    This plan goes south when Vendata spontaneously changes the location of the date from a public restaurant to a protected supervillain nightclub, where the other council members are celebrating the appointment of Boggles’ replacement. To keep an eye on Ghost Robot, who Brock was responsible for, Brock and Shore Leave sneak onto the Venture Compound to steal supervillain costumes from all of Brock’s victims. Once inside, Brock manages to grab Ghost Robot and sneak out.


    Brock's disguise
    Brock's disguise

    Brock's newest mission is to investigate the maiden voyage of Gargantua-2, the new space station for JJ Venture. It is at least partially funded by The Investors, making it of particular interest to the OSI. Unfortunately, JJ has repeatedly rejected OSI's help despite continuing to be a target of The Guild. This forces Brock and OSI member, Amber Waves, to hijack a couple of high-rollers and steal their identities to go undercover.

    Because Gargantua-2 doubles as a space cruise ship and casino, the rest of the Venture family is also invited. Brock does his best to keep his presence a secret from them, but Hank still manages to find him. Hank even steals Brock's fake mustache in order to get casino chips on the gaming floor and making it more difficult for Brock to keep his cover. The Captain wastes no time having Brock and Amber apprehended in thrown into the brig.

    Unfortunately for everyone else, there two best fighters are imprisoned when The Revenge Society tries to attack Gargantua-2. After sabotaging the force field protecting the space station from asteroids, Brock and Amber break out of the brig to lead the evacuation, while Doc and Dean attempt to fix the force field from outside the station.

    Rusty's Bodyguard Again

    The bait family
    The bait family

    Before Gargantua-2 erupted into chaos, JJ had revealed to Doc that he had an aggressive form of cancer and was dying. Ultimately, JJ decided to go down with the ship but had already finalized his Last Will and Testament. He gave everything he had to Doc, allowing him and the boys to move to VenTech Tower in New York City. The increase in cash and resources meant Doc’s protagonist level at OSI was increased. Not only did the Monarch not qualify to arch him anymore, but Sgt. Hatred no longer qualified to be his bodyguard. Hatred was replaced with Brock. OSI even tried to force Brock to carry a gun, but he never loaded it.

    Brock faces new challenges moving from the Colorado country to the New York metropolis. Superhumans and costumed mafiosos were everywhere. This included the resurgence of the Blue Morpho, who was actually The Monarch disguised as a masked vigilante from Jonas Venture’s days. As the Morpho, Monarch was killing Guild members who stood between him and officially arching Venture again. This made him a person of the interest of both The Guild, which needed to protect its members, and OSI, which needed to keep the peace based on the Treaty of Tolerance.

    The OSI and The Guild entered a reluctant partnership to bait the Morpho using the ultimate supervillain Red Death, who was gunning for Doc. While agents of the Guild and OSI pose as the Ventures, Brock wins a bet with Shore Leave and gets to just be himself. Monarch never takes the bait though and it's all for naught.

    The Haunted Problem

    Brock's meeting with The Guild
    Brock's meeting with The Guild

    Early the morning before Thanksgiving, Brock and the Ventures were woken up by poltergeist activity in their New York penthouse. Brock’s threat assessment was so high, he set up a tent on the roof rather than sleep in his room. Doc chalked it up to computer glitches in the state-of-the-art security system, but Dean called the Order of the Triad for help anyway. While the Order attempted a seance, they were interrupted by old Team Venture, who told Doc that the Problem Light that was on display in the VenTech lobby was a life extending device created by his dad.

    After Jonas was killed on Gargantua-1, Team Venture put what little remained of his body into the Problem capsule to be healed. Since his head was all that remained, they didn’t believe it would ever actually work. Jonas managed to control the mechanics of the capsule and connect to the VenTech tower security system, causing the poltergeist activity in an attempt to communicate. Their attempt to communicate back panicked Jonas who caused the whole tower to go haywire. At the same time, Guild helicopters attack looking for a suspect in their villain killings, the Blue Morpho. Vulnerable on the roof and unable to get OSI backup, Brock uses a grappling hook to repel down the side of the building.

    Unfortunately, the VenTech signage had fallen down and blocked the entrance. Brock couldn’t get into the lobby to protect Doc, but the former Blue Morpho, who was also former Guild cyborg, Vendata, managed to get in before and had connected to the Problem capsule to negotiate with Jonas. Brock was then invited to a diner as a representative of OSI to negotiate with members of the Guild over jurisdiction. During this meeting, Red Death revealed the truth about “The Movie Night Massacre,” exonerating Sphinx. Brock became disillusioned as this event kicked off the Pyramid Wars, in which he was recruited to the OSI to fight against Sphinx.

    Ultimately, they agreed to jointly take Vendata into custody and have him disassembled for the murder of Jonas Venture and the crimes of the killer Blue Morpho (who was actually The Monarch in disguise).

    Character Profile

    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Omaha, NE
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Bodyguard with the Office of Secret Intelligence; formerly U.S. Marine, Agent of SPHYNX.
    • Known Relatives: Unnamed mother, unnamed younger brother
    • Distinguishing Features: Trademark mullet, an unfinished tattoo of the Led Zeppelin Icarus insignia, and a metal plate drilled into his chest.

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