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    A short-lived comic book publishing company started by Jim Shooter after his former company, Defiant Comics, went under. Broadway was a division of Broadway Video Entertainment, with Shooter as co-owner of the characters.

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    Along with partner Broadway Video Entertainment, Jim Shooter makes another failed attempt at a new universe.

    Broadway debuted with the comic preview series Powers that Be, followed by the series Star Seed, Fatale, and Shadow State. Other series were set to follow, but only Knights on Broadway was able to be launched before the company abruptly closed, leaving unfinished story arcs in all of its series save for Fatale.

    Broadway's story continuity, like Shooter's previous two attempts, took place in real time and the characters rarely wore superhero costumes. Before the company closed, Shooter had intended to integrate concepts from Defiant Comics into Broadway's continuity. In 1996 however, Broadway Video Entertainment was sold to Golden Books, which then promptly went bankrupt. Broadway no longer had the means to continue and was forced to follow suit.


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