Britt Reid Jr.

    Character » Britt Reid Jr. appears in 71 issues.

    After losing his father to the Black Hornet, Britt Reid Jr. donned the mantel of the Green Hornet to once again protect Century City as the city's greatest/worst gangster.

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    Britt Jr.'s father, Britt Reid Sr., gave up the mantel of the Green Hornet after he took down all of the major crime families of Century City. Britt Jr. never really appreciated his father, and began to truly despise him after his mother, Britt Sr.'s wife, died of cancer. Over the years, Britt trained in Muay Thai under Dante Pollard and trained in MMA cage fighting, becoming skilled at both but lacking focus.

    Britt Jr. had a complete change of character, however, when his father was killed by the Black Hornet. After this, Kato returned and told Britt about his father's secret and their plan to avenge him. Britt Jr. was hesitant to become the Hornet at first, but after stealing a Green Hornet costume to assist Mulan, Kato's daughter, he decided to take up the mantel to gain his vengeance on the Black Hornet. After the Black Hornet's death, Britt and Mulan became the new defenders of Century City as the infamous duo of the Green Hornet and Kato.

    Britt also took charge at his father's newspaper the Daily Sentinel.

    Current Adventures


    Created by Kevin Smith, originally for an unmade movie of the Green Hornet that Kevin was supposed to direct, but stepped down from the project. The script was picked up by Dynamite Entertainment, where Smith assisted Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau in creation of the comic book.

    Major Story Arcs


    Instead of rebuilding his father's mansion Britt has decided to erect a statue of Britt Reid Sr, in it's place. Him and Mulan then decide to hit the streets where he learns there is a new gang in town, Los Hijos de la Muerte. And whats worse they are not afraid of him or of dieing. While trying to stop one of their robberies one of the gang members pulsl Britt off of a train tress-ell, and if not for Kato's quick thinking he have died, instead he was just knocked unconscious.

    When Britt awakens his is tied to a chair, unmasked in front of Lt. Chritton, who makes a deal with the now made Britt. Britt will alert Lt Chritton of any possiable busts so he can make the arrests and farther his career. Once Mulan arrives and unties Britt the two heroes go to look into the Los Hijos. When they follow a tracking devise on one of the gang members to a church the two split up. Britt easily handle the gang members but when finds Mulan she has been shot.

    Britt rushes her to the hospital and not until Lt. Chritton shows up does Britt leave to take down the Los Hijos for good. He easily handles the gang members guarding the church and finds a secret passageway where he finds Padre Benedicto. After revealing that he knows what Benedicto is up to he discovers that the Santa Muerte is really Benedicto's daughter. He uses his knock out gas on the child but beats the father with in an inch of his life. He later tells Lt.Chritton that Britt will pay for any treatment the child needs and that The Green Hornet is in control once again.

    Red Hand

    Mulan is still in the hospital and Kato has just given Britt a lecture on what it means to be the Green Hornet, so Britt decides to take down a human trafficker. Everything seems to be going alright but after scaring the ringleader he discovers one of the lackeys, that he hit with the gas gun, is now dead. After some soul searching, and a pep talk from Clutch, Britt investigates why the lackey died. At the hospital Britt learns that the lackey is really the Redhand in disguise. He had faked being dead to meet Britt but before he can really hurt Britt the police arrive and the Redhand disappears.

    Back at the Hornet's Nest, Britt explains to Kato what happened, but after some gentle ribbing Kato sends Britt out on patrol where he is ambushed by Moonbeam and Scowl, a pair of costume crime fighters. He seems to be able to keep the two delusional crime fighters at bay but then he is jump from behind by the Redhand.

    He later wakes up chained up with Mulan and forced to watch the Redhand beat up Kato. Britt is then forced to tell Redhand where the Hornet's Nest is or he'll kill Mulan. Back at the nest Britt is forced to watch helplessly while Redhand is going to ruin everything he and Mulan have done for Century City so far. Luckly for him clutch is able to trick the Redhand and Kato takes care of him from there, leaving Britt to be the damsel in distress once again.

    Powers and Abilities

    Britt Jr. adept at kung fu and kick boxing, has a 4.0 grade point average and shows signs of genius intellect, and is a master journalist. He has also been shown to be a master shot.

    After novice training in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts, Britt still continually trains with Mulan, who is a master in hundreds of martial arts like her father.

    Weapons and Equipment

    The Street Stinger
    The Street Stinger

    Britt's suit is bullet proof and houses two hornet dart guns and the Green Hornet medallion on his chest is a tracking devise. After novice training in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts, Britt still continually trains with Mulan, who is a master in hundreds of martial arts like her father.

    Black Beauty
    Black Beauty

    Britt uses the Street Stinger and Black Beauty for transportation.

    Britt has access to numerous tools and gadgets all designed by Clutch Kato.


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