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    Brit gained his invulnerability from a serum created by his father, he used it to join the army, and now works for the government. He owns a topless bar and has accumulated a large fortune.

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    Created by Robert Kirkman and started in three one shot issues in 2003 and 2004, which where drawn by Tony Moore. After the three one shots Brit got his own on going series in 2007, written by Bruce Brown the series was still over seen by Kirkman but only lasted twelve issue before the series came to an end.

    The character reappeared in 2010 in a six issue mini series Guardians Of The Globe.



    When we first meet Brit he is battling a Mind controlling villain called Mastermind who made hundreds of people dance. When Brit arrived, Mastermind used the dancers to form a giant man-monster to crush Brit. But Brit was able to get to Mastermind and break his control. The result was hundreds of people dropping to the ground and dying instantly. When Brit returned home he was talking to his girlfriend, Jessica, about their future. Jessica revealed to Brit her parents wanted to meet him. Brit managed to weasel out of it as a group of scientists were opening up an experimental portal and they wanted Brit in case anything should come through and something did, Brit was quick to react and destroyed the alien. At the end Donald one of Brit friends and a agent of the government, noticed what appeared to be blood dripping from Brit's nose which may be a sign of deterioration which could be bad for the government. Brit dismissed it saying it wasn't his.

    When Brit did meet Jessica's parents it wasn't a happy sight. Jessica's dad was shocked at his age and Brit accidentally spilled the beans on Jessica's stripping which her dad did not know; he had presumed she went through law school. The father stormed out and Brit went out to talk to him, but was called away by the government. He was sent to destroy a man who was absorbing nukes. Brit jumped form the helicopter and let the boy punch him around till he was tired then Brit snapped his neck. When government ages came down to retrieve him he punched out one and ran. He returned to his home and told Jessica to pack everything she needs and that they're millionaires. On his way out he explained to his friend that the strip joint now belonged to him, paperwork and all. Later Brit showed up at Donald's home and thanked him for the warning. It turns out the government was hoping to catch Brit before he deteriorated and duplicate his power through experimental tests.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cold Death

    Susan Brits Wife
    Susan Brits Wife

    Since Brit ran he has been living comfortably in a secluded area with his now wife Jessica, who is now pregnant. That is until the government shows back up to rain on his parade. After the battle Donald asks Brit if he wants his job back and he accepts only this time Donald will be assigning him as commission by Cecil. Meanwhile, back at home Brit smooths things over with Jessica's parents and him and her death catch up over dinner.

    On one of Brit's first missions since returning he has to stop one of his ex-girlfriends, Susan, and a mad scientist from drilling to far into the Earth's core to save her son and potentially destroying the Earth. The next place Brit heads is the strip joint he used to own. Him and Jessica get a warm reception until Brit's job calls him away to take on a giant snow monster. Brit has little luck at first; only damaging his eye. After awhile Brit gets it off balance and uses a special gun Donald gave him that succeeds. For a moment Brit worries that Donald might have have died until he reveals that he is an android (not knowing it himself).

    Later Jessica finally delivers her child whom she names Brittany, apparently, in honor of Brit who's name is also Brittany.

    Red, White, and Brit

    We first join Brit fighting off some kind of huge monster and yelling at it saying he has more important things to do. Later he arrives at a test facility where a scientist hopes to launch son of Susan into the sun to help him gain energy. Brit's appearance is to insure safety but it enrages the woman. When the launch is successful Brit comforts the woman much to the surprise and jealousy of Jessica who caught them. When they return home in wait of her parents, she begins questioning if she's too young for him. He writes in off and tries to dispute her beliefs. The talk gets put off hold when the in-laws show up. During the meal a global alien attack breaks out and Brit runs off to help. Even with the rest of the Kirkmanverse heroes, including Brit's ex Susan the battle looks futile. Susan's attempt to help climaxed in her unfortunate death. The battle was going downhill fast, but suddenly hoped emerged in Susan's son who had successfully absorbed enough energy to return. The son destroyed most of the alien ships and returned to the ground. He began to ask for his mother, but when Brit told him she had died he lashed out. Brit told him to calm down because he would kill himself. Brit advice went unheard and he died. The death caused Brit to reexamine himself and he decided to quit the superhero stuff.


    Three weeks later Donald came by to try and convince a shaggy, rugged Brit to rejoin. Brit tells him he can't handle the fact that he was responsible for the death of Susan's husband and the indirect death of her and her son. He tell Donald that they have plenty of other super-heroes that could give him the chance to figure stuff out.

    Powers and Abilities

    Brit's Power is invulnerability, he has no other power, not super strength or anything else. Due to this power he has an unlimited amount of durability and it is unknown to what level his invulnerability is but it has never been reached.

    Brit's powers are the result of a serum developed by his father some time before World War one and in addition to invulnerability, the serum also slows down his aging process.


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