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    Bristle is an operative that serves Lord Tantalus as a member of one of his Peacekeepers. Bristle shoots explosive barbs from his wrist gauntlet and has come into conflict with Blackwulf and the Underground on several occasions.

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    Bristle is an operative that serves under Lord Tantalus as a member of one of his Peacekeepers. Tantalus would send his son Lucian, Bristle and Schizo to retrieve Pandara after she was being investigated by Code Blue and Thunderstrike for several murders. Stellaris discovered the underground lair of Pandara and led Thunderstrike and Code Blue to her location. Bristle attacks Thunderstrike with his explosive barbs but the fight is interrupted when Blackwulf appears. The rest of Code Blue appear so Bristle, Lucian and Schizo are forced to retreat.


    Bristle was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1994 and first appeared in Thunderstrike # 6.

    Powers & Abilities

    Bristle has the ability to fire numerous barbs from his wrist gauntlet. These barbs are very sharp and can explode upon impact.


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