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Created by Tim Brown, Brin appears in the Talamander series and is free to read on his website

Who is Brin?

Living from hand to mouth, owning nothing but the clothes on his back, some may call him a vagrant, but not to his face!

As a long-lived, Brin is stronger than your average human, he also has more years than 'three score and ten' (thirty score would probably cover it).

Brin travels the world of Talamander, never settling in one place for long, looking for excitement and adventure, avoiding boredom at all costs.

Unfortunately Brin has a leaning towards obsessive compulsive behaviour, resulting in diversions from his travelling (just don't ask him about the 'grains of sand counting' desert incident). Brin's OCD has got him in to trouble on more than one occasion.

The early years

Originally the lead character in 'Something Bizarre' (of which only one issue was published in 1993), Brin spun-off into his own series 'The Adventures of Brin' in 1994. Many series followed, before coming to a conclusion 17 years later in Brin issue 24 in September 2010.


Following a brief hiatus, Brin returned in all-new adventures with a fresh start and a new home in the 2012 series Talamander - free to read at


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