Character » Brimstone appears in 56 issues.

    A horrid cyber-demon created to serve the tyrannical New God Darkseid.

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    When Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, decided to destroy all of Earth's heroes, he ordered his servant Desaad to project a futuristic techno-seed into the heart of an experimental fusion generator being tested at STAR labs in New York. Instants later, the generator exploded, to release the monstrous flaming giant called Brimstone upon the world. Believing himself to be the fallen angel of an avenging god, sent to rid the Earth of its false gods and graven idols, Brimstone began a rampage that ultimately brought him into conflict with Firestorm, then the Justice League and then Cosmic Boy.

    Ultimately, Brimstone was discovered to be merely a ball of artificially sentient super heated hydrogen plasma, given form by several sophisticated magnetic fields. It became the first assignment of the newly reactivated Suicide Squad to track down Brimstone and destroy him, using an experimental laser rifle specially designed to penetrate Brimstone's magnetic field and disintegrate the techno seed at his core. Even as Brimstone killed the man - monster Blockbuster, the renegade marksman Deadshot pierced his heart with one carefully placed shot, and the behemoth exploded.

    Major Story Arcs

    Public Enemies

    For more information see: Public Enemies

    Brimstone is one of the villains sent after Batman and Superman by Lex Luthor.

    Titans of Tomorrow

    For more information see: Titans Of Tomorrow

    Brimstone is one of a dozen villains who are infected by Starro. His mission is to destroy a nuclear power plant in California. Wonder Girl tries to stop him but can only delay him long enough for Supergirl to arrive and push Brimstone into space, where he obits Earth.

    New 52

    A version of Brimstone exists in the New 52 universe, mentioned as being an enemy of Goldrush. He was defeated by Goldrush when he attempted to incinerate Dallas, Goldrush's base of operations.

    In Other Media

    In the Justice League Unlimited pilot episode "Initiation", Brimstone was depicted as a titanic nuclear-powered robot built by the reclusive Asian nation of Chong Mai as a defense against "outsiders". The robot malfunctioned and began to systematically destroy everything in it's path. It's immense size and thick armor made it impervious to the Chong Mai army's conventional weaponry.The radiation produced by Brimstone was detected by the Justice League. The Martian Manhunter then dispatched a team consisting of Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Supergirl to investigate. With Green Arrow accompanying the team back to Earth.

    After an initial assault by the three League members failed, resulting in Green Lantern suffering severe injuries as a result of the robot's twin nuclear fusion beam weapons. Captain Atom, Supergirl and Green Arrow confronted the Chong Mai military and learned of Brimstone's sole weakness: inserting a carbon "control rod" into an opening in the center of it's chest would halt the nuclear reaction that powered the unit.Captain Atom and Supergirl each attempted to insert such a rod, but were quickly overpowered. In the process, Brimstone did enough damage to Captain Atom's containment suit that it was breached.Green Arrow was successful in finally shooting part of one of the control rods into Brimstone's chest opening, and the robot shut down. Supergirl then literally knocked the now vulnerable head completely off of the robot.

    The ultimate fate of Brimstone is not known. Presumably it was disassembled by Chong Mai.


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