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Awesome Art!

There's not much happening on this cover, and the art is not representative of the awesome pencils and colors that hide inside. I see this cover as somewhat of a way to undersell splendid art. 
The Good: 
 The art is quite appalling.  It's a very different style than what I'm used to but it's very pleasing to the eyes.  Also, as a first issue, the story here works really well as it serves as a very nice way to introduce the concept, the character and still move the story along to the next part of the story.
The Bad: 
The language.  Now, I'm not ever offended by racist language because taking offense is simply just a waste of time when it comes down to those things, but I still laugh when people use the word cracker.  In addition, it's 1864; was that a prominent word back in the day?  I honestly thought it was a very recent, stupid thing.  Regardless, the use of the racial slurs here is not so much as offensive, for I care not for that, but just downright silly.  In other words, they're there but they really don't need to be.  Some stories necessitate racial slurs; in this case, it's downright unnecessary.   
Despite some really silly language, which really ticks of a star, the story and pacing are great and the art is beautiful. I'm curious where it's going, and I highly recommend this to anyone that likes really dark tales.   

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