Brightest Day #4

    Brightest Day » Brightest Day #4 - Thresholds released by DC Comics on August 25, 2010.

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    Deep in the Peruvian jungle Hawkman and Hawkgirl just discovered that Hath-Set has been gathering their remains to open some sort of portal to an unknown location. Hawkman states that the Claw of Horus is beckoning them to enter the portal but they hesitate. Wanting to locate and stop Hath-Set's plan they decide to walk through the "gate". As they step through, they realize they're not in Kansas anymore. 
    In Georgetown, Boston Brand is teleported into a room which houses a sleeping unknown girl. She is awakened by his presence and turns into Dove aka Dawn Granger. She's shocked to actually see Boston Brand and mentions that he's not what she was expecting to see for the first time. She tells him that the Justice League has been looking for him and that they want to document him among the living. Hawk comes crashing in the room and attacks Deadman. Dove breaks up the fight and informs Hawk of her guest. Deadman begins to explain what he believes his purpose of life could be. Hawk informs him that he's got a job for him to do. 
    In the Bermuda Triangle, a coast guard vessel is investigating some wreckage when out pops [someone] and attacks the ship. 
    At Pittsburgh University, Ronnie Raymond is passed out on his bed from too much beer. He is visited by Gehenna's ghost and is attacked. Shortly after getting attacked by the ghost it dissipates and is turned into salt. 
    Hawk and Dove have taken Deadman to a graveyard and instructed him to attempt to revive Donald Hall, Hawks brother.     

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    Brightest Day #4 - The jakob187 Review 0

    With events, it can be difficult to space things out enough for multiple characters to ensure a good amount of face time while still capturing the parts of the story that need to be told.  Brightest Day #4 finally brings in a couple of characters that haven't shown up since #0, but it's at the sacrifice of abandoning other characters for a full issue.  The breaking of this pace isn't detrimental to the overall story arc, as it does offer a nice timeout for other folks to get some spotlight.  Unf...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Where is the black lantern Firestorm? 0

    Story Hawkman and Hawkgirl enter the portal created by Hath-Set. They see horrible things happening to them. They reach a desolate wasteland. Deadman appears in Dove's bedroom. Hawk comes crashing through to protect her. Deadman reveals who he is so he can lower the temper. Aqualand and his friend Maria are about to go for a swim until they see that the water's all dried up. In the Bermuda Triangle, Mera attacks a ship with her henchmen. At Pittsburgh University Ronald is sleeping while everyone...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Alive-Man!?! 0

    Summary:   Hawkman and Hawkgirl discover their missing bones but one set is missing. Deadman finally arrives in the flesh and is given a personal request from Hawk. We meet Jackson Hyde and something fishy is happening is Silver City. And finally Ronnie's Black Lantern Firestorm actions are back to haunt him.  The Good:   It seems every issue we see a story that just grabs the book by the horns and makes you want to buy the next one. No doubt this issue belong to the Hawk and Dove story. Yes jud...

    7 out of 9 found this review helpful.
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