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Dead again.

Brightest Day #24 LAST ISSUE!!!

Okay so there is just too much to talk about in this issue. It's sad to say but the journey is finally over. Some issues felt like fillers, while others felt awesome and left us wanting more. But in all honesty I very much enjoyed this series. I'm a sucker for Geoff Johns and I think he did terrific. The white lantern forces the elements to fight the black lantern Swamp thing. The White Lantern says that swamp thing has to believe that he is Alec Holland to resurrect. As this is going on Digger fulfills his life quest by throwing the boomerang at Dove. Hawk misses and Deadman takes the boomerang in the chest. This kills him and breaks Dove's heart. Although Boston learned to care for others and not himself. For Alec to return someone had to die. Boston's white lantern ring goes to Alec and Alec becomes this giant white lantern swamp thing. He is earths protector.


He fights off the black lantern swamp thing and wins! Boston is not among the land of the living but he is in spirit form again. This time Dove can only hear him so their love still remains. The elements turn back into J'onn, Firestorm, Arthur, and Carter but Shiera didn't return. Shiera was also chosen to die. Swamp Thing restores eart's GREEN. White Lantern reveals that Hawk didn't complete his quest. Everyone is left bewildered of what goes on from here. Everyone deals with the aftermath in their own ways. Jason and Ronnie find out some shocking news! They might blow up in 90 days! Swamp Thing now kills anyone who tries to harm planet earth. And in the end we are left with a guy saying bollocks at the scene of Swamp Thing's crime.


The Good!

There were some pretty weird things about this issue which I liked. The fact that Geoff Johns chose an odd character like Swamp Thing to be resurrected as Earth's protector interested me and it kind of makes sense being that he is like an earthy type character. Deadman and Shiera's death in this issue was powerful. Boston's death was noble and not shocking but the way he went out was cool. I love that Dove can hear him though. Shiera has died so many times in comics but this time feels different. To see Carter's reaction was awesome and I loved it. It felt real and emotional, the way a husband would feel if they lost their wife.


I do like the direction that the aftermath is going in because Brightest Day is not totally over. There's still some unfinished business.


The art is always great. I love the art in this issue because it's classic Brightest Day art.


The Bad!

This issue didn't feel like the proper last issue it should be. I feel as if it left us with some CONFUSING loose ends. Especially the last page because I did not know who that man is that said bollocks. My other problem with this issue is the cover. I thought the cover could've been a bit more special or unique but instead it was just Swamp Thing coming out of the water. Also a couple of pages in this issue felt unecessary like the 3 or 4 pages Swamp Thing took up by fighting Black Lantern Swamp Thing.



If you have been a major fan of this series like me then pick this up. 4 out of 5.

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