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Review: Brightest Day #22

Firestorm's battle with the Anti-Monitor and the Black Lanterns finally resolves long-standing confidence issues he's had.

The Good

Like I've mentioned for Generation Lost, the appeal of the more deliberate pacing of a release schedule like this is that you get to see deeper character studies and watch hard lessons amidst all the spectacular fireworks. To that end, you really do feel the sense of exasperation Firestorm feels as he's put through this latest interminable bout with villains he's defeated many times before, and you do feel the catharsis when he finally tells them how he doesn't give a damn.

The Bad

When a book's coming out on a schedule as grueling as this, it's inevitable that the production time's going to buckle a little. While the art's certainly serviceable, it did feel a bit rushed due to the sparser amount of detail and the over-usage of texture patterns for the background on the asteroid that never quite gelled with the line art.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

I wasn't grooving to this particular issue for the first half, but once we get the surprise reveal regarding the true nature of the Black Lanterns' presence and of Firestorm's specific White Lantern mission, it improved my enjoyment in total. Still, I can't help but feeling like the boat's bottomed out just a little after trying to maintain a bi-weekly book like this over such a long time. I'm sure it'll get back on its feet soon, but maybe it needs a little break at this mid-point.

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