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Tying The Loose Ends

Brightest Day continues in the next installment of the series that is connecting the the entire DC Universe together- and it is an event that has already made major changes in the DC Universe.  

The Good  

If you have been wondering whatever happened to Martian Manhunter and that crazy chick, D'Kay then you are in luck because this entire issue is dedicated to them. Well, almost the entire issue. The last few issues of Brightest Day have been streamlining the individual stories of all the characters that had returned for Brightest Day, and here's a hint- their end results have all been very similar.  
Let's look back for a moment: Hawkman and Hawkgirl managed to eradicate the curse that had for centuries prevented them from being together-- then they became "white Lanterns" ...and died. 
The last issue of Brightest Day we saw Aquaman close the Bermuda Triangle, lose his hand, resurrect an army of dead animals, guide Jackson Hyde to embrace his powers, and forgive Mera. Oh, and die. Or rather, "disappear." 
In this issue, we see several members of the present Justice League and Justice Society investigate the disappearance of Aquaman- until of course the issue's focus turns to Martian Manhunter. Can you guess what might happen to him?  
The really interesting thing about the series is not that all these characters die in the end, but that they seem to finish out whatever unfinished business they may have had before they disappear.  This consistency is what keeps these books interesting.  

The Bad  

I really wanted to like this issue because I really like Martian Manhunter- but I couldn't get into it. I found the concept behind it; this idea that Martian Manhunter needs to resolve his attachment to Mars and the deaths of his family was fantastic because it is the single most prominent issue that has haunted him throughout his character history. However, his adversary (D'Kay) was just unconvincing. The scene where she reveals to him that she is pregnant with his child would have been much more interesting if had actually believed her, and if for a moment he felt conflicted. This issue felt somewhat rushed and anti-climactic.  

The Verdict  

I wasn't totally impressed with this issue. Yes, it tied the loose ends for Martian Manhunter, but there was no point where I actually felt blown away. I do however feel like the premise of the Brightest Day series is becoming clearer, but I am not completely impressed with the way MM was used in the story. 

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