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Review: Brightest Day #20

The Aqua War concludes as Aqua Girl and Mera join the fray against the new Aqua Lad's dastardly Dad, Black Manta.

The Good

By now, everybody should have the swing for how this title plays out. I'm usually not a fan of decompressed storytelling, but I've really come to appreciate this as a wonderful showcase for Reis' art, as you're pretty much guaranteed at least one breathtaking splash from the guy. In this one, it's the double spread of Mera's wave-retracting sorcery. 

The Bad

I feel like some important detail wasn't conveyed in regard to Siren. Last issue, I thought it was a Red Lantern-possessed Mera who was showing up by Black Manta's side. Didn't Aquaman even think it was her? Yet, she dive up here and starts fighting Siren without much hoodoo about the possible confusion. It seemed like it might've been something that happened in a crossover tie-in and then subsequently glossed over.

The Verdict - 4/5

This series is taking its time, patiently giving each member of the resurrected 12 the proper space to sort out of their problems. If anything, I've enjoyed it as a fun anthology showcase, as it's definitely been a long time since I've been around for a story with Aquaman as the lead. And I'm definitely intrigued by the surprise at the end of this issue, which adds another layer to the mystery of how what satisfies the resurrected's lives isn't always what satisfies their emotions.

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