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The Hawks Take Flight!

Finally Brightest Day is here, and it's welcomed very heartily for me! There wer many things that I loved, and that I disliked about this issue. I didn't exactly enjoy the first Deadman sequence, not enough dialogue, plus a little long. I loved the Aquaman part, Mera was super smexy, I actually mistaked her for Cyclone, odd cause the first time I saw Cyclone I thought she was Mera. I don't even understand why they bothered to put Zoom in there, I think they could have done something with him and Boomerang. I was cool to see Martian Manhunter, but I don't see why Guy was there, I was glad he was there, not a huge Guy fan though, I just don't see that it was necesarry. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were awesome as always. Their conversation about their past lives was very enjoyable, well written. The Jade scene was the most enjoyable for many reasons. I like the little hoops Natu created, just a little nice touch o, Well one, it's Soranik training her, and as soon I saw that I thougth, wow Soranik, Jade kinows you're just trying to keep her away from Kyle  Secondly, Kyle shows up, and Kyle kicks a--The part with Firestorm shows you how much Jason and Jennie are diffenrent. When Jade talks about killing all of those people as Black Lanterns, Kyle's like, oh it's okay, the ring was controlling you. Then when Ronnie shows up at Jen's wake, and apologizes, Jason just goes, #$@% you Ronnie! So, ya know, not going in order, the scene with Maxwell Lord was creepy, it shows you how much of a psycho he is. Then Hawk and Dove, sadly I enjoyed this. This shows how agressive Hank is, even after just coming back to life. Lastly, Osiris One thing I don't understand, is, isn't there another way to bring Isis back to life, other than just taking her somewhere? Can't Osiris do something with his powers? The last part with Deadman was nice, but Hank and Dawn? The art was beautiful throughout, the writing was consistent. There's a unique way to write all of these characters, and johns and Tomasi captures all of them. I'm looking forward to the next issue, it's nice to see a biweekly book with the Hawks! Sadly, Pasarin won't be back on the next issue, but Reis owns, so Aw yeah Brightest Day!

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