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Lord Edmond Da Orkney was a knight during the medieval times. After Rebecca LeBeck ended up in the same time period, the two became allies and he later joined StormQuest.


Brightblade was created by the writer and artist Bob Hickey.

Major Story Arcs

Lord Edmund came across Rebecca LeBeck after she had gone through a Time Storm and ended up in the medieval times. Edmund had became an ally of Rebecca, but was imprisoned as Merlin was jealous of him, and he was to be executed, however, Merlin had Benoit free him, so he could try and kill Edmund and Rebecca himself. Shortly after Edmund was freed, the rest of Rebecca's family arrived (apart from her son, Andrew), and Merlin begun fighting them, but they were able to escape, but Merlin had accelerated Edmund's ageing process, turning him old and frail. After returning to the 1990's, Rebecca was able to reverse the ageing process, returning him to full strength. He was then given a new suit and blade and joined StormQuest.


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