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    Character » Bright Star appears in 11 issues.

    Ursula Armstrong is a News Reporter who reported on the trial of Bucky Barnes. When Superia attempted to alter reality, she empowered Ursula and she began a costumed career as Bright Star.

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    A humble and unremarkable news reporter, but as Bright Star, Ursula joined the Avengers and eventually wound up on the reformed team by Superia.

    Ursula fought alongside the Avengers against terrorist, cosmic and mutant threats but behind the scenes was regularly verbally abused by Superia.

    While Superia was secretly planning to control all of reality with the use of the Cosmic Cube and the knowledge of Tony Stark, Bright Star discovered her true intentions and eventually helped herself to the Cosmic Cube. Using the cube, she scoffed at Superia for being a close-minded sexist and for thinking so little of her that she wouldn't work out Superia's true intentions. Bright Star, inadvertantly, opened up a rift in the space-time continuum and herself, Superia and the Captain America Corps were sucked into a realm that existed purely of things Superia had manipulations out of the timeline - namely hundreds upon hundreds of Steve Rogers.

    After standing up to Superia and reality being returned to normal, Ursula appeared de-powered and resumed her career as a news reporter.


    Bright Star was created by Roger Stern and Philippe Briones in 2011 and first appeared in Captain America Corps # 1. However, it was established that an unnamed female news reporter who appeared in several issues of Captain America was in fact Ursula.

    Powers & Abilities

    Her powers include flight; intangibility; emits a bright glow when using her abilities


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