Character » Brigade appears in 8 issues.

    After a "black flag" operation led by elements of the CIA went wrong, the US government covered it up with a fake ambush story. Niles van Roekel recovered the 100 bodies, and created the monstrous Brigade.

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    During a mission in Iraq, a U.S. special forces platoon was sent in to drop a package in an enemy underground bunker, but the mission went wrong as an Iraqi explosive went off, causing a chain reaction which detonated the nerve agent ,killing all 100 men. Inexplicably, the gas kept their cellular tissues live. Niles Van Roekel seized the opportunity and took the 100 bodies for one of his most twisted experiments.

    He merged their body parts with huge cybernetic arm appendages and he fused their brains into an alien neural network and those 100 men and all their fondest memories and darkest demons became a walking nightmare. Originally the minds of 100 soldiers were mixed and reformatted to follow a singular consciousness, Rick Landau. However, being a work of progress, certain mental problems had not been perfected. Brigade was prone to fits of dissociated identity seizures where any number of his former team mates' personalities broke out, rejecting the singular identity. Being the former platoon leader that he was, Rick Landau has to work hard to keep his personalities in line like a drill master. Overall, Rick Landau believes he has become the ultimate warrior.

    Powers and Abilities

    Brigade has superhuman strength (said to be on Rhino's level), durability, and a healing .


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